#thetravelingpingu, September 2008 –
My globetrotting companion and I are on a mission to meet as many faces and see as many places as possible

analoguexdialogue, July 2014 –
A photodump of raw film from my analogue cameras

Cataloguing Conversations, July 2014 –
An Anthropologist catalogues everyday conversations Tweet-style

Error Dramatica, September 2014
As a digital Anthropologist, fieldwork ‘on the go’ is often encumbered by the anxieties of insecure Wi-Fi connections. Error Dramatica is a visual catalogue of these frustrations.

library of ear worms, March 2010 –
An archive of songs/lyrics I enjoy

SMTNW, June 2008 –
Cataloguing everyday street art from my travels

2 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Hi Crystal, I remember you because you came to our Gender Studies lecture in NUS two years ago and I really enjoyed reading your paper about blogshop models and femininities and now that I’ve stumbled upon your WordPress space, I’m hooked haha Looking forward to reading more of your works :-)


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