This page lists my industry experience and consulting work.


I have shared my expertise at various levels of industry and social communities, in the capacities of academic expert, consultant, strategist, advisory board member, and advocacy volunteer. While the full list is confidential, some of the organizations I have worked with include:

  • Canvas 8 (UK)
  • Edgeryders (Belgium)
  • Facebook (USA)
  • Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (Australia)
  • Google (USA)
  • Gushcloud (Singapore)
  • Handelsrådets (Sweden)
  • Instagram (USA)
  • Intel (USA)
  • Marketplace Borås (Sweden)
  • Media City Bergen (Norway)
  • Ministry of Education (Singapore)
  • Myrorna (Sweden)
  • National Heritage Board (Singapore)
  • Science Park Jönköping (Sweden)
  • Settr (Sweden)
  • Splay (Finland)
  • The Substation (Singapore)
  • University of Western Australia (Australia)
  • 4Press Creative Agency (Ukraine)

More details are available upon request.


See also Research Projects >>

Funded by the Facebook Integrity Foundational Research Award (USA)
USD50,000/AUD69,530 for ‘Decoding the Weaponizing of Pop Culture on WhatsApp in Singapore and Malaysia’, January–December 2019.
Project site >>

Funded by Handelsrådets (Sweden)
SEK680,000/AUD103,380 for ‘Social media Influencers in Swedish and Scandinavian fashion retail’, July 2017–June 2019.
Project page >>

Funded by the National Heritage Board (Singapore)
SGD58,230/AUD55,901 for ‘Evaluating the Tangible and Intangible Heritage of Shopping Centres in Singapore’, March 2017–June 2019.
Project site >>

Funded by The Substation (Singapore)
SGD1,005/AUD965 for ‘An oral history of punk cultures in Singapore’, April–July 2017.
Project page >>

Supported by Edgeryders (Belgium)
Writing Fellowship (competitive), OpenCare Research for ‘Young people and digital grief etiquette’, August–October 2016.
Project page >>


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  • Abidin, Crystal. 2018. “Årets första Textilbaren på Pumphuset.” Textilbaren and Pumphuset, Borås. February 22, 2018. <Link | Link>

This page was last updated 14 September 2019. 

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