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Had to slice this gold nugget out of a recent paper to make the word count, but am so happy it exists because somebody can relate to my freckleface :) […]

Kafka on silence.

Looking at the castle, K. felt at times as if he was watching a person who was sitting there quietly, staring straight ahead, not so much lost in thought and […]

Brainfarts on empathy.

“The issue the Diary presents, with a force perhaps only a working ethnographer can fully appreciate, is not moral; it is epistemological. If we are going to cling – as […]


cataloguing reactions from #cciws13. Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCI) Winter School 2013. Bananjamin ‏@10rdBen 27 Jun 2013 Lucky last talk today is @wishcrys talking about #lifeisgood: […]


i am fond of collecting things. i have premature nostalgia. i have perpetual nostalgia. i have permanent nostalgia. they don’t get it. you know those earworms that give you spatial […]

#sexbait at MMTC

Had the honour of sharing some of my work at the Media Management and Transformation Centre (MMTC) at Jonkoping International Business School (JIBS) a fortnight ago thanks to the amazing Sara Ekberg. The campus […]
#sexbait at MMTC

OII SDP 2014 Reading List

Reading list for the Oxford Internet Institute Summer Doctoral Programme 2014 (OIISDP 14). Original here. Internet Geographies: Data Shadows and Digital Divisions of Labour – Mark Graham Graham, M., Hogan, […]