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Upcoming talks and works-in-progress listed below.


* denotes invited talks
# denotes presentation by co-author

[invited keynote] *Abidin, Crystal. 2020. “title tba.” Inaugural Summit for Students, Temasek Polytechnic, Virtual session. 21 July 2020. (cancelled)

[invited lecturer] *Abidin, Crystal. 2020. “Influencers, Misinformation, and ‘Under the Radar’ Strategies.” Virtual Summer Speaker Series: Fake News & Disinformation and its Spread, Center for Computational and Data Science, iSchool, Syracuse University. 5 August 2020. <Link | Link>

[invited industry talk] Abidin, Crystal. 2020. “title tba.” Handelsradets Dag 2020, Handelsrådets, Stockholm. 6 October 2020. <Link>

[conference paper] Kaye, D. Bondy Valdovinos, and Crystal Abidin. “‘Don’t let this flop’: TikTok Creators’ Strategic Improprieties.” Australia and New Zealand IP Academics’ Minicon, 3 September. <Link | Link>

[panel] Abidin, Crystal, Emily van der Nagel, Amelia Johns, Francesco Bailo, Aleesha Rodriguez, Bondy Kaye, Patrik Wikstrom, Ysabel Gerrard, & Tama Leaver. 2020. “‘Please read the comments’: Commenting cultures across platforms.” Association of Internet Researchers 2020, Virtual conference.

[paper in panel] Abidin, Crystal. 2020. “‘Feels bar’ and masculine vulnerability: Commenting cultures on 9GAG.” Association of Internet Researchers 2020, Virtual conference.

[paper in panel] Zeng, Jing, & Crystal Abidin. 2020. “‘Subtle Asian Traits’: Platformed race on Facebook.” Association of Internet Researchers 2020, Virtual conference.


[journal article] Livestreaming During a Pandemic: Platforms, Cultures, and Pivots – with Jonathon Hutchinson

[journal article] Subtle Asian Traits and COVID-19: Congregating and Commiserating as East Asians in a Facebook Group –with Jing Zeng

[journal article] Influencers and COVID-19: Reviewing key issues in press coverage across Australia, China, Japan, and South Korea – with Jin Lee, Tommaso Barbetta, Miao Weishan

[journal article] Genealogies of online transgression: Public shaming cultures on the Singaporean internet


[journal editorial] Singaporean Influencers and COVID-19 on Instagram Stories

[book chapter] Cultures in the influencer industry via soft and hard data experiences

[journal article] Knowledges on Douyin & TikTok: Platforms, populism, and performance

[book chapter] Sisters, kisses, disses: Ella Gross, Blackpink, and public intimacies between Insta-famous kids and Kpop stars

[book chapter] Genres of celebrity childhoods in social media economies and technologies –with Tama Leaver

[journal article] Sorry not sorry: Influencers, shamelebrity, and para-apologetic transgressions

[journal article] A history of masculine-led anti-hegemonic discourse on the Singapore internet with Liew Kai Khiun 

[journal article] #WAsian (White-Asian) on TikTok and activism through entertainment

[book chapter] NSFW Chinese content on tumblr and folkloric imaginaries around algorithmic circumventions

[journal article] From YouTube to TV, and Back Again: Viral Video Child Stars and Media Flows in the Era of Social Media –with Tama Leaver 

[journal article] History of the digital camera in Singapore 1994-2006 –with Connor Graham

This page was last updated on 31 July 2020.

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