‘Internet Celebrity’ mini book tour.

Hi folks!

I am taking Internet Celebrity: Understanding Fame Online on a mini book tour. Upcoming dates are clustered in the Nordic and the UK. Please feel free to share this link with friends and students who are in these cities, and come bye to say hi if you are in the area yourself. This page will be continuously updated as specific details become available.

I am also still considering invitations in other locations, so do get in touch. Further information on PR kits, review copies, bulk purchases, translation opportunities, and press enquires can be found through the book link.

Thank you.

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A “child of Asia”.

I have wrapped up my last meeting of the day. I skip the metro to take a long, slow walk back to my hotel. I walk past several eateries. Suddenly, a lady calls out to me. I turn to look and see a Chinese granny sitting alone inside a Chinese eatery. I am still on Adventurous Mode from being on fieldwork, and decide to walk in. Continue reading A “child of Asia”.

‘Internet Celebrity’ Book Acknowledgements.

My first book, Internet Celebrity: Understanding Fame Onlinewas published two weeks ago. Academic projects can often feel like an independent, lonely, solo endeavour, but the truth is that all of us are supported by an amazing network of colleagues and loved ones. Since it is always difficult to gauge the potential and eventual audience for a piece of academic writing (especially with a pricetag), I would like to publicly share the acknowledgements from this book to thank my support crew.

My second book, Microcelebrity Around The Globe: Approaches to Cultures of Internet Famewill be published in December this year, and I greatly appreciate everyone’s kind words from the Overly Honest Acknowledgements posted earlier this month.

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Every Place At Once.

I am sitting at a memorial service in a church snug in the east end of Singapore. The master of ceremony goes up to the pulpit. He tells us that we will begin with a time of worship. “These were some of her favorite songs,” he says. A screen rolls down. The lights dim. A video plays.

She appears, strumming a mellow song on guitar on that very stage just a few Sundays ago. She was only 23. There she is, cold and silent, lying in the coffin. There she is, warm and tangible, singing onscreen.

There she is, my sister, in two places at once.

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Overly Honest Acknowledgments.

I just completed the acknowledgments for book 02 and now I want to cry.

Today in Overly Honest Academia:

“Finally, if you have made it this far down our acknowledgements, you have earned the *actual* backstory behind this book project. When we first proposed this book to each other in 2015, we were full-time PhD candidates who were multitasking on soon-to-be expired scholarships, but who were also running on wild ambition and pure adrenaline. Between this moment and the eventual publication of the book, the co-editors have collectively experienced two marriages, five house moves, one childbirth, three deaths, four job changes, and thousands of text messages on email, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Truth be told, this book could only be completed because neither of the co-editors lost stamina or hope concurrently, and were able to dip in and out of the project according to the peaks and troughs of our personal lives, while the other party soldiered on. As such, we would like to acknowledge the collegiality and friendship we have shared as young women academics, and to thank our partners, family, and loved ones for their understanding and support throughout this process.”

I love you, Megan Lindsay Brown (´• ω •`) ♡

Microcelebrity Around The Globe: Approaches to cultures of internet fame, coming to you in December 2018.