Auto-replies: What you read vs. What I mean

This year, I used email auto-replies for the first time.


What you read:

“Hi, Thank you for your email. Both my office PC and my personal laptop have crashed over the weekend. I am currently organizing a replacement device while attempting to recover my data and work from my iPhone. Kindly excuse delays in our correspondence. I will respond at my soonest convenience. Thank you.”

What I mean: Continue reading Auto-replies: What you read vs. What I mean

Ode to email.


We use verbal phrases like

drop you an email” and

flick you an email”

but really,

emails are hard work,



Length and content reciprocity are important, because who’d appreciate


to a ten paragraph

essay essay essay
essay essay essay
essay essay essay
essay essay essay?


Should you use an exclamation mark here!!!

How about a smiley face :) :) :)

Emojis are a no-go right?!


How can I title my email subject so that it looks

important and urgenty

but not



Oh good grieve the politics of  c c – i n g  and  b c c – i n g .


Should I delete the bit that says “sent from my iPhone” etc?
Am I a hard mobile worker
couldn’t I be bothered to get to my laptop?


Looking forward to hearing from you.

Please respond at your soonest convenience.

Let me know ASAP.



Oops. File now attached.




Emails are heavy affective objects.

Idk about you but I’m no Olympian.




PS: inbox zero gloating.