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Internet Celebrity: Understanding Fame Online

The face of internet celebrity is rapidly diversifying and evolving. Online and mainstream celebrity culture are now weaving together, such that breakout stars from one-hit viral videos are able to turn their transient fame into a full-time career. This book presents a framework for thinking about the different forms of internet celebrity that have emerged over the last decade, taking examples from the Global North and South, to consolidate key ideas about cultures of online fame. It discusses the overall landscape, developments and trends in the internet celebrity economy, and cross-cultural lessons.

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網路名人的現象持續演化,並朝多元化方向發展。線上名人與過往的主流名人文化已密不可分地交織著。一支因病毒式行銷影片爆紅的人,甚至能把這樣的名氣轉換成一份全職的工作。 本書提供一個思考近十年不同型態網路紅人的架構,取材自全球南北各地,並試圖分析文化與線上名氣的關鍵概念。本書也討論網路名人的整體樣貌、發展、網紅經濟的趨勢,以及跨文化的課題。

Published 16 July 2018 in paperback and e-book.
EmeraldGoogle Books
ISBN: 9781787560796

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“A succulent collection of up to date and incisive contributions to the field of global micro-celebrity. It offers an impressive array of new ideas and arguments to help us to understand and research one of the characteristic developments of our time.”
–Chris Rojek, Professor of Sociology, City, University of London

“Crystal Abidin has produced a most useful book. It brings our understanding of internet celebrity right up to date, and does so with an exemplary attention to its proliferating diversity of form, content, structure and location.”
–Graeme Turner, University of Queensland

“Teachers: want your celebrity lectures to reflect developments on YouTube, Instagram and Twitch? This is your book. Students: want a way to link theories of branding, taste, and authenticity to stories about viral memes, extreme eating channels, and “buying likes”? This is your book. All Readers: Want a globally-focused primer on an emergent entertainment phenomenon that is as (at times) as baffling as it is (at times) lucrative? This is definitely your book.”
–Dr. Theresa M. Senft, Macquarie University, NSW, Australia

“Abidin’s book provides a welcome and engaging contribution to a rapidly developing field, and it will be indeed of interest not just to an academic audience but to general readers as well.”
–European Journal of Communication

“Abidin’s writing demonstrated a balance of playfulness and seriousness in unpacking Internet zeitgeist… Suffice it to say that Abidin’s ability to create global frameworks to effectively study the multifaceted dimensions of Internet celebrity and explain them succinctly and clearly greatly surpassed my expectations of a scholarly work of this length.”
–Media International Australia

“I found this book by Crystal Abidin extremely interesting as well as informative; I didn’t put it down once… This book really highlights the impact of new media on society, so much so that it might shock readers into thinking about how they use and consume modern media and so-called ‘internet celebrities’.”
–The National Student



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List of Illustrations

CHAPTER ONE: What is an Internet Celebrity Anyway?
>A brief history of internet celebrity
>What about traditional celebrities on the internet?

CHAPTER TWO: Qualities of Internet Celebrity

CHAPTER THREE: Internet Celebrity and Traditional Media
>Eyewitness viral stars
>Meme personalities
>Spotted and groomed investments
>Crowd-puller cameos
>Weaponized microcelebrity

CHAPTER FOUR: From Internet Celebrities to Influencers
>Architecture of the Influencer industry
>Shadow economies of the Influencer industry
>Global implications of the Influencer industry
>Recent shifts in the Influencer industry

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