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In the decade since microcelebrity studies was launched, the landscape of fame on the internet has expanded across digital estates, populations and intensities, labour and practices, products, commodifiable entities, and national spheres. This book examines how cultural context molds the experience of fame, popularity, and living online. By bringing together case studies from different regions, the book expands on the existing theoretical framing of the online celebrity experience. The editors introduce a ten-year anniversary update to the field of microcelebrity studies by re-theorizing microcelebrity considering the under-represented diversity in specific ideo-geographical and socio-cultural domains. Collectively, the chapters rethink the concept of microcelebrity to accommodate developments in global internet governance, the evolution of platform politics, the emergence of hybrid forms of celebrity, and the collapsing networks between old and new media.

The collection argues for new perspectives and theories of microcelebrity that dialogue with colonial geographies within and outside of academia, cross-media networks between influencers and legacy media, and gendered aggression and political discourses in a social media-saturated age. Chapters feature geographies and populations in Australia, Brazil, China, England, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, and the US. Platforms considered include blogs, blogshops, bulletin boards, Facebook, forums, Instagram, Musical.ly, Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr, Weibo, and YouTube. The book considers a spectrum of microcelebrity at all stages of their careers, from everyday users and beginners to veteran microcelebrities and influencers.

Publishing December 2018 by Emerald Publishing.

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by Theresa Senft

Introduction to Microcelebrity Around the Globe: Approaches to Cultures of Internet Fame
by Crystal Abidin & Megan Lindsay Brown

Section One: Norms

1) Vlogging Parlance: Strategic Talking in Beauty Vlogs
by Sophie Bishop

2) Facebook And Unintentional Celebrification
by Angela M. Cirucci

3) Musical.ly and microcelebrity among girls
by Burcu Şimşek, Crystal Abidin, & Megan Lindsay Brown

4) Being red online: The craft of popularity on Chinese social media platforms
by Ge Zhang & Gabriele de Seta

Section Two: Labour

5) Origin stories: An ethnographic account of researching microcelebrity
by Crystal Abidin

6) Fame Labour: A Critical Autoethnography of Australian Digital Influencers
by Jonathan Mavroudis

7) Net idols and beauty bloggers’ negotiations of race, commerce, and cultural customs: Emergent microcelebrity genres in Thailand
by Vimviriya (Vim) Limkangvanmongkol & Crystal Abidin

8) Catarina, a virgin for auction: Microcelebrity in Brazilian media
by Lígia Lana

Section Three: Activism

9) The Rise of Belle from Tumblr
by Megan Lindsay Brown & Hanna Phifer (Belle)

10) Transparency & Authenticity Through Transgressive Microcelebrity Performance: The Qandeel Baloch case
by Fatima Aziz

11) It’s Just a Joke! The Payoffs and Perils of Microcelebrity in India
by Rukmini Pande

The Algorithmic Celebrity: The Future of Internet Fame and Microcelebrity Studies
by Alice E. Marwick


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