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Ambient Verbs

Sometimes people speak of the gold of silence and riots on empty streets. But the world is noisy. People write each other badly rhymed love songs inspired by the 90s […]
Ambient Verbs

Brainfarts on shame.

… one major methodological weakness of some of the earlier studies…[was] an ethnocentric tendency to define the phenomenon in terms of its specific attributes in one’s own culture… these studies […]

Kafka on power.

… you’re certainly right when you say that compared with Klamm I’m a nobody, and despite the fact that I’m now asking to speak to Klamm and am not even […]

Brainfarts on affect.

“Between us there is always transcendence, not as an abstraction or a construct, a fabrication of the same grounding its origin or measuring its development, but as the resistance of […]

Kafka on silence.

Looking at the castle, K. felt at times as if he was watching a person who was sitting there quietly, staring straight ahead, not so much lost in thought and […]

Brainfarts on empathy.

“The issue the Diary presents, with a force perhaps only a working ethnographer can fully appreciate, is not moral; it is epistemological. If we are going to cling – as […]


i am fond of collecting things. i have premature nostalgia. i have perpetual nostalgia. i have permanent nostalgia. they don’t get it. you know those earworms that give you spatial […]

one week.

Sitting here at the Uni Club attempting to look intelligent and write this chapter when all I really want to do is be at the beach.     It all […]
one week.