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Paralanguage Short Film

In July–August 2017, I was invited to be Guest Professor to teach a two-week intensive summer school programme entitled ‘Digital Living’ at Aarhus University. These are some notes and resources from my seminars, lectures, and workshops on producing a Paralanguage Narrative Short Film. Please feel free to use with credits back to this page.


Paralanguage Short Film Production 

You will be required to use a video content-production social media app (i.e. Snapchat, Instagram stories, YouTube, etc) for this workshop.

Get into groups of 4-5 and produce a short film around ~2 mins long, using any video or photography platform for recording, and incorporating any internet paralanguage (including selfies) as the primary narrative device.

You are free to decide on a theme and plot and venture to a filming site any where on campus. The purpose of using the familiar environment of the school campus is to capitalise the in-group familiarity, subcultures, and tacit knowledge in relation to space and place among your peers.

1 person should document the behind-the-scenes process. Please save the film and send it along with your behind-the-scenes notes (i.e. written notes, maps, photographs, blooper reel, etc) to our slack channel.

Before setting off on our adventure, Crystal will show us some examples from previous workshops.

After this activity, you will take turns to present your production to the class. Each group will be allocated 10 mins to screen their short film and share some reflections with the class. Tell us about your production process, the agenda/intention of your short film, and how it exemplifies at least two of the concepts or theories discussed in this week’s class.


Some sample productions from this class are here: