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Welcome Spring by Ohvola

Welcome Spring by Ohvola
24 February 2013

Images by Ohvola
Text by Crystal Abidin


Petite girls, we have heard your cry and this is especially for you. So you have got a small built, but friends know you as the funky firecracker with that amazing personality. You simply adore the sexy keyhole back opening of this polyester piece and love toying with the sash that complements the fully-lined non-sheer sleeveless frock. With an entrancing gold embellishment across the chest, all you need are matching dangling earrings and solid cuffs to channel Athena, the Greek goddess of courage and wisdom. Available in sizes XS and S.


Good morning, sunshine. It’s finally the weekend. Surprise your sweetheart in your dulcet lace and mesh getup over the brunch date you have been looking forward to all week. You’ve effortlessly slipped into your frock thanks to its concealed side zipper. The elegant floral lace overlay captures his loving gaze and you know your fully-lined anti-slip inner bustier is accentuating your curves. Your mind wanders to old Hollywood romantic charm as you exchange mellifluous whispers. Available in sizes S, M and L.


Nothing beats a night out in the city against alluring lights, flashing billboards, and the calm river. Comfort and style are your fashion mantras but you are looking extra glamorous in your denim shimmer peplum top featuring an eye-catchy decorative overlay. Its concealed side zipper and thin elastic back makes for a perfect fit and you flaunt your stems in a bandage skirt – or faux leather leggings if you’re bold – and killer heels. Smart casual just got more sophisticated. Available in sizes S and M.


You feel like it’s gonna be a casual chill-out kind of day, but jeans are just too drab for your inner fashionista. Thankfully you have recently made a chic stretchy denim peplum skirt your own. With a concealed back zipper, its relaxed fit is mellow yet stylish with a pleated flare. Looks like you have just overcome another lazy morning, hunny! Available in sizes S, M and L.


Rushing from the office to Ladies’ Night? Peel off your corporate blazer to reveal a crepe peplum top with a subtle rock-chick bling! With a sprinkling of rustic gold and dark silver studs beaded along your waist line and a concealed back zipper, set yourself apart from the edgy teenage years you have grown out of. Strut and skip to the beat of the music and shine on. Oh, and remember your heels. Available in sizes S M L.


My dear mademoiselle, you don’t have to be a connoisseur of fine vintage to appreciate this gorgeous mélange of tweed and florals. Woven into a confetti of intricate florals that is banded at the waist, this picturesque A-line dress features a subtle flare and is fully-lined and non-sheer. Snuggle in with its concealed back zipper and pin on an antique gold brooch with matching ear studs to enjoy good ol’ English fashion. Available in sizes S, M and L.


You are the fun and bubbly one at the office. Everyone knows you and lunches are always laughter-filled affairs. Now you have got to flaunt your candid personality right down to your balmy fashion choices. Your friends are in love with your refreshing pastel pants and you’re exuding confidence because stretchy cotton simply elongates your legs. With a tailored fit featuring a button and zip closure, you whisper gratitude to Alexander McQueen for bringing back low-waist pants. Available in sizes S, M and L.

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