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I survived my first TWG!

The Thesis Writing Workshop, or TWG, is one of several initiatives by our very loving postgraduates here at the department of Anthropology & Sociology at UWA. Postgraduates submit a piece of writing to the group a week in advance before coming together to discuss and critique the writer’s work. A fellow postgraduate usually volunteers to facilitate the session.

I submitted the first draft of my (hastily written) context chapter to my fellow colleagues earlier this week and survived my first TWG this afternoon. The session was lovingly graced by Alka, Janet, Maki, Manu, Meemee (our resident visitor from Asian Studies), and Vanessa with insightful afterthoughts and encouraging feedback. I cannot be more grateful for the amazing colleagues God has given me in my time here. It’s too easy to get caught up in this hyper-elist industry where your intellect (and pride to defend this intellect) is your price tag, and I truly believe it is God’s loving favour to have gifted me with amazingly generous and encouraging friends who want nothing but the best for each other. Like tiny globules of genuine love and affection amidst this cut-throat business.

I am infinitely blessed. And off to churn out another paper by Tuesday!

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