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I survived the first week of fieldwork!

I made it through the first week of fieldwork, whoo hoo! I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with Beatrice of Klarra and Lucinda & Jolene of Ohvola for the next few months. No pictures from behind-the-scenes for now.
It’s been twenty days since I’ve been back in Singapore, madly readjusting to the humidity, packing (and re-packing) my childhood bedroom, and spending time with my adorable nieces and nephews (and the to-bes). I haven’t been away for very long, but I’ve grown so terribly attached to Perth and my newly adopted lifestyle over eighteen months that the re-assimilation process has been rather tedious. Que sera sera. God will be my strength.
For having survived the past month, I pampered myself with some sweet treats over the weekend!

Best dinner ever. I devoured a triple-waffle-six-scoop ice-cream set (for two) all by myself…

and some rich iced chocolate…

while poring over papers! I have been attempting to complete my remaining papers, reviews, and chapters after the daily grind of work. Let’s see how these next eight months pan out.

Going through some feedback from my lovely Anthropgrad warriors. Jos’ comment made my day :)
Back to painfully editing this 8k long paper. zzz.

Beep here.

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