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Hiatus? Hiatus.

I think I am going to take a mental health month all of July (sort of), and also spend some time pursuing my non-academic interests terrorizing strangers with my globe-trotting companion, indulging in mellow dramatic writing to hypothetical futures, and seeing a little bit more of this gorgeous world.

It’s been a really jam packed six months with research, publishing, and tutoring, along with all the other things I need or want to do in life. Thank God, though, for the little gems of late that have made hectic work life a bit more bearable.

I’ve just gotta pull through the remaining two weeks of June locking down these three chapters, and then I’m off on the road for six weeks for a series of work + recreational things in Singapore, the UK, and Sweden – the highlight of which is a 36-hour reunion with my Polish pen pal whom I first met in 2000 at an international music festival we were both performing at. Very psyched for this!

More crucially, I think my body is finally giving way to all this excessive working. I am a very ambitious (some say over ambitious) person with big dreams and goals, and I sincerely want to give my A game every time, all the time. Most times this has brought me immense joy (two of my articles/chapters are forthcoming, very exciting)! But I’m going to need to learn to pace myself and do healthy things like eat veggies and make fruit juice and vigorously move my body outdoors once in a while. Yesterday’s sweet break with my favourite anthropologists reminded me of how much I miss the sun and grass and sea. I don’t want to be an office hermit my whole life!

In other news, kids, remember that the Internet is forever. Oh joy. Will be cataloging my fun travels here and my work happenings here. Chat soon!

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