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Academica Dramatica x #totesnotacreepyfangirl

Oh you know, just casually standing in a one-meter radius away from GODDESS JUDY WAJCMAN and produced some audible sounds from my mouth (please don’t issue me a restraining order).

A bunch of us got to have an intimate sit-down chat with the Wajcman at OIISDP one afternoon. You cannot imagine how big of a deal this was to a lot of us in the room, and especially to some one like me as an anthropology/sociology (discipline-removed) postgrad (status-removed) from Singapore/Australia (geographically-removed) who would probably have little chance of approximating conversation with said academic goddess.

She has always been larger-than-life to me (technofeminism whatthewhat) and I wasn’t expecting some one of the Wajcman’s status/calibre/achievement/beingness to be this approachable and accessible to a bunch of stranger-postgrads. She went around the room querying us about our research interests and what we “young women and future scholars of feminism” thought were issues coming into being. There was so much affirmation of the work we were doing.

Quote of the day goes to Megan:

“These girls are like, I am a feminist because I listen to Beyoncé but not like because I read Butler or some thing.”

Damn right, babe.

Beep here.

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