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Attempting to wrap up 2014 (yes I know it’s only August)

When did 2014 go? How are we already two-thirds in? What is time?

15 Melayu paper
23 ANTH1002 lecture – Gender and Sexuality in Context
27 Annual report
29 Discipline seminar – Shamelebrity paper
31 IR15DC paper
31 COMM3001 marking
Complete writing: Shamelebrity paper, Paradoxes of intimacy paper

04 IAS presentation – Paradoxes of intimacy paper
08 COMM3001 lecture – Project Management on Online Ethnography
22-28 IR15 preconference workshop – Selfies
26 Discipline WIP – Shamelebrity paper
Complete writing: blogwars paper, #sexbait chapter, Public Femininities chapter

01 NIE lecture – #sexbait paper
01 CNM lecture – blogwars paper
02 USP lecture – ?
03 Tembusu WIP – Shamlebrity paper
21-25 IR15 – Privacy for profit paper
Complete writing: (En)gendering Cute R&R, Persona chapter, Review chapter

04-05 Disorder conference – blogwars paper
14-17 MediAsia conference – Shamelebrity paper
Complete writing: Social Currency chapter

01 (En)gendering Cute R&R due
01 #sexbait due
Complete writing: Technologies of Intimacy chapter, Taste & Class chapter

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