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Kids say the darndest things

photo 3

L-R: Megan (9), Me (26), Sheryl (9), Kayle (3), Germaine (13).

Germaine: “Aunty Crystal, so when you graduate you are going to be a doctor?”

Sheryl: “Can you cure people?”

Megan: “Huh you’re going to be a doctor? Then you must see blood and all that?”

Germaine: “Aunty Crystal, Kayle’s legs are made of rubber. She can do a split. Do you want to see? Megan cannot do it because her pants are too tight.”

Megan: “But my pants already has a hole.”

Sheryl: “Yeah her pants have two holes in them. Otherwise how does she put her legs in?!”

Sheryl: “We are going to take a video of ourselves and put it on YouTube. Do you want to join?”

Me: “What? You’re just going to make funny faces at the screen? Who’s gonna watch that?”

Megan: “No! We are making angry faces also.”

The highlight of every transit in Singapore is getting to see my chaotic baby maggots. But boy do they say the darndest things. (No, I haven’t told them I am not going to become a doctor doctor…)

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