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Facebook, Workbook.



My favourite things about using Facebook for collaborative academic work:

1) Intermittent intimacies, when my peers truncate conversations with mundane life updates (i.e. childminding, chores, daily crises). We see that we’re all trying to multitask 100 things, and encourage each other.

2) Respectful context collapse, when my peers document rest and leisure during crunch time (i.e. weekend away, date night, bubblebath). We know we’re all behind on deadlines, but value personal space and rest, and don’t police on social media.

3) Perpetual motion, when my peers take turns to pick up the slack on the global clock. We wake up to new updates just as others are turning in for the night, and our work is always progressing along without stagnation.

4) Pusheen stickers.

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