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Project SG50+1

sg50+1 (colour)

SG50+1: Consuming and Curating Singapore

What are your most precious memories of SG50? How was your SG50+1? What will SG100 look like? Join us for an interactive exercise as we remember and imagine the past and future of our cultural landscape. Bring along a memory and an object that speaks to your experience of Singapore’s National Day celebrations. Everyone is welcome.

What? Project SG50+1
Where? The Substation 
When? 09 September 2016, Friday, 2000-2200hrs
Who? Anyone, Everyone


Crystal Abidin is an anthropologist and ethnographer. She researches vernacular internet culture and mixed heritage in contemporary societies. Crystal has a PhD in Anthropology & Sociology, and Media & Communications. She is a Postdoctoral Fellow in Sociology at the National University of Singapore, Singapore and an Affiliated Researcher with the Media Management and Transformation Center at Jönköping University, Sweden. Reach her at

Moshimoshi folks,

I’d like to invite you to attend a creative session that I will be running at The Substation in conjunction with the good folks from The Post-Museum.

Last year was the Republic of Singapore’s 50th birthday. This ignited yearlong commemorations of every incarnation, some state-sponsored, some folk-driven; some nationalistic, some subversive. These included a flurry of events, an official e-book of milestones, corporate tributes, meta recaps, and haphazard commercial branding. But how has remembering and memory changed in the digital age?

  • One year on, what do you recall about SG50? How did you celebrate it? How did you feel about the yearlong celebrations?
  • This year, how was SG50+1 any different? What did you do on National Day? What memorabilia do you have?
  • What do you think SG100 will look like? Which personalities, artefacts, events, or happenings do you think will be commemorated at SG100? How are icons made?

Please come along to our interactive session where we will brainstorm and share our thoughts in a safe and inclusive space. Everyone is invited (i.e. you don’t have to be Singaporean to attend!)

Do bring along any item related to National Day or Singapore that is of significance to you for a mini show&tell session, as well as any National Day or Singapore-related stories you would like to share.

Light refreshments will be provided.

See you there!

PS: Do feel free to circulate this widely.

15August 2016 update:
Register here – 

Beep here.

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