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Fieldwork diaries: Njie House in Stockholm.

Njie House, a project by Universal Music, sees six Swedish YouTubers living and working together in a public share space in the middle of Stockholm for thirty days.


The ground floor includes spaces for exercising, podcasting, gaming, beauty, and the launch of new releases from Universal Music.



They produce content from this large room that also contains a variety of rotating sponsored placements and messages. Influencers live in apartments upstairs. A key feature is the fish tank aesthetic where followers and fans throng to the space to watch Influencers in their “daily habitat” from the streets.



Some Influencers also announce the timeslot for a livestream beforehand, and the first followers to arrive are sometimes invited into the glass house to hang out during the stream. #njiehouse


Insta-videos from my visit to the space here.
Read more here.
See more at #njiehouse.

Beep here.

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