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AoIR Flashpoint Symposia 2019 Keynote

Hello from Bologna airport after a whirlwind 36hrs in Urbino for the inaugural AoIR Flashpoint Symposia.

I had the honour of delivering the opening keynote, which you may access via a variety of links below:

–Video of talk @ 23:49-1:35:24 here.
–Key slides & further reading here.
–Event programme here.
–A liveblog summary courtesy of Axel Bruns here.
–Twitter stream here.

You may cite the talk as:

Abidin, Crystal. 2019. “Public shaming, Vigilante trolling, and Genealogies of Transgression on the Singaporean Internet.” AoIR Flashpoint Symposia, Urbino. June, 24 2019.

Special thanks to Fabio Giglietto, Laura Gemini, Giovanni Boccia Artieri, Manolo Farci, Stefano Brilli, Elisabetta Zurovac, Giada Marino, and Nicola Righetti for all the work and care put into hosting us!



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