Talks in Feb/Mar 2019.

Moshimoshi everyone,

I have had the most restful Christmas and New Year break gallivanting around snowy Japan, sweltering Singapore, and sunny Australia. It was a really good time for the heart and the body, especially the four weeks when I didn’t touch my laptop nor any books (even fiction!) at all. I am about to head back to Sweden for my last stint of research work in Scandinavia, and will also be giving a last blitz of talks in Sweden, Germany, and possibly Norway. If you’re interested, details are below. It would be so lovely to see some familiar faces, feast on kanelbullar and hot chocolate, and bond over our mutual love for Søstrene Grene.

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‘Internet Celebrity’ mini book tour 2018.

Hi folks!

I am taking Internet Celebrity: Understanding Fame Online on a mini book tour. Upcoming dates are clustered in the Nordic and the UK. Please feel free to share this link with friends and students who are in these cities, and come bye to say hi if you are in the area yourself. This page will be continuously updated as specific details become available.

I am also still considering invitations in other locations, so do get in touch. Further information on PR kits, review copies, bulk purchases, translation opportunities, and press enquires can be found through the book link.

Thank you.

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Keynote video: Cultures of Internet Celebrity on YouTube

Moshimoshi folks!

In March, I had the pleasure of keynoting at the Brand Experience Through New Media Event at Aalto University, in a building that was really a luxurious Finnish spa resort masquerading as a place of higher learning.

If you are so inclined, here is 23:59 of me speaking on Cultures of Internet Celebrity, based on my forthcoming book, Internet Celebrity: Understanding Fame Online.

Many many thanks to Miikka Lehtonen, Markus Ahola, and Tanja Sihvonen for the invitation and for pulling this together with your super efficient team and the unrivalled Finnish hospitality.


The event was held in Mordor with giant mustard bean bags and giant table lamps for the Cosiest Atmosphere At An Academic Event ever. I almost didn’t want the event to kickoff so that I could lounge in Mordor forever in my matching mustard sweater.


We ended the day with a 47:36 panel discussion and Q&A on Influencer cultures, featuring yours truly and Stina Varsikko of Splay, moderated by Miikka Lehtonen. Watch that goodness here:


Events in April and May.

Moshimoshi folks!

I am finally back on the continent where the sun is perpetually glorious (and sometimes threatening to kill you but at least everything is beautiful).

This April and May, I am Visiting Research Fellow at the Department of Media and Communication, Swinburne University, thanks to a competitive grant awarded to the imitable Kath Albury.

At Swinburne, I will be keynoting at the Selfie Subjectivies Symposium and launching my forthcoming book alongside Katrin Tiidenberg, speaking at a colloquium on The Influencer Industry, and teaching a masterclass on Internet Paralanguages.

I’ll also be visiting RMIT to guest lecture in the Global Communication in a Digital Age Masters’ Programme thanks to an invitation from media-anthropology-brain-hub John Postill.

Between Melbourne happenings, I’ll be making quick trips to the Media Industries conference (London) to speak on a panel on “Global Developments in Social Media Entertainment”, to the Theorizing the Web conference (New York) to speak on a keynote panel on “The Next Generation”, and to the International Communication Conference (Prague) to give a paper on “Cultures of Celebrity and Labour within Tumblr’s Architecture”.

If you’re based in Melbourne and would like to chat, please beep! Otherwise, I plan to spend all my time harassing all my friends for all the hot chocolate and margarita dates.


Keynote paneling at Theorizing the Web, New York

Friends! I am super duper excited to finally be attending my first Theorizing the Web conference <3

This is undoubtedly the fanciest and most attractive conference programme I have ever seen, and so full of on-point goodness about internet culture at that.

Registration is open till 26th April 2018 here, and operates on a pay-what-you-can policy.

With utmost gratitude for the kind invitation from David A Banks and Nathan Jurgenson, I will be speaking on the keynote panel on The Next Generation. I am also oozing with joy at the prospect of finally meeting with some of the crew from Cyborgology and Real Life in the flesh for the first time… you know, to verify that we are not secretly just holograms with brains.

This will also be my first time in New York and I have no plans apart from hanging out at Central Park all day while reminiscing the glory days of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. So if you have any pro-tips or recommendations, I would greatly appreciate some travel tips.

With smelly cats and unagi and moo and pivots and lobsters,
Baby Kangeroo Tribbiani