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all the unimportant things from week one of oiisdp, Crystal-brain Tweet-style

aka aka do you think I could Tweet my dissertation?

Okay #oiisdp come at me brah! @mlinds12 @Blasiola see you in a bit x

Haven’t decided which deck to present at #oiisdp – summary of dissertation, one chapter, or one paper? Hashtag decisions on an airplane.

My favourite EU airport moment is when they mistake me for the unaccompanied minor who needs assistance. And then I tell them I’m a legitimate 26yo adult.

Pretending to fit in with these intelligent brainy people. #oiisdp

Back stage of the #oiisdp glamour. Or some thing like that.

“Ovaries before brovaries” – @mlinds12 #oiisdp #overheardatOIISDP

I should brain but I cannot stop thinking about hot chocolate.

Negotiating Intellect at Conference Questioning (sort of…) … #phdchat #phd #conferences @PhDForum

“Deep dish is not food, it is a religious experience”. #overheardatOIISDP #oiisdp

“Girl we can make up the whole cast of Glee right here” – @politikphd #overheardatOIISDP #oiisdp

Metainstagram @dennysanfran #oiisdp

We’re going on a bear hunt. We’re going to catch a big one. I’m not scared! #oiisdp

“I just met 30 new people yesterday and now I have to meet more new people?” – anonymous. #overheardatoiisdp #oiisdp

I smell food.

That moment when a presentation with a qualitative introduction continues into quantitative methods + hypothesis. Cry brain cry.

thetravelingpingu meets a twin in Oxford! …

Depending on context, it is totally okay to measure apples by colour or size or shape or taste. Academic cooperation > competition kthxbye.

That moment when a Quant researcher receives a dozen questions from Qual researchers. #phdchat

Oxford Internet Institute Summer Doctoral Programme @oiisdp reading list for those who are interested. #phdchat …

Self-plugging re Emma/Ellen’s negotiations of on/offline. Wrote about location and transference of intimacy. #oiisdp …

I feel like the word of the day/entire programme/academia in general should be CONTEXTUALIZE. #phdchat

Is any one collecting big data on the number/intensity/angels of quant/qual methodological debates happening in this room?

“Some of us are lost without mobile technology.” (My brain fart: SOME?!) #overheardatoiisdp #oiisdp

Big brother is watching. Live. #oiisdp #meta

Tweet about big brother watching live being watched live by the watched. #oiisdp #metameta

I speak American. #oiisdp #sorrynotsorry @kellybergstrom @politikphd @Becky_Faith @JenniferSThiele @dennysanfran

“This is Cat Street, also known as Shit Street, also known as Gropecunt Street.” -legit info from a local #oiisdp #overheardatoiisdp

I like how @kellybergstrom and I are seated 5cm away from each other but are totes okay being sucked into our phones. Understanding.

potatoes gotta potate. tomatotes gotta tomate. (i’ve been up since 0500hrs brb bbg dying)

i don’t want to leave my dorm because laptop because wifi because life.

Academic goddess Caroline Bassett in the house brb crying.

I cannot breathe. #cyborgs of the world unite.

Like, we’re literally breathing the same air you guys.

CB can link ten obscure things and make the conceptual narrative make sense. #oiisdp #totesnotacreepyfangirl

I feel very unintelligent and unaware right now. I need to take a one-year break from life and sit down and read a lot of things.

JUST CASUALLY MEETING A GODDESS THIS FRIDAY?! #oiisdp #totesnotacreepyfangirl

Used so much brain power just listening to all that awesome that I just cannot do any more. Except eat. And tweet. #twitter4lyfe

This is anthropology and sociology my friends. Systems of knowledge. Aww yes.

If even scientists feel pigeonholed, do social scientists emote?

#oiisdpbuzzwords – buzzword #meta

#oiisdpbuzzwords interdisciplinary

#oiisdpbuzzwords forefront

I am having a crisis. Vote for non-veggie burritos.

Hogwarts setting. Quirinus Quirrell fashion. Kick ass appropriate presentation title. Harry Potter lives.

“I come from a background of Internet plumbers.” #oiisp #overheardatoiisdp

Josephine is displaying an amazing example of socializing your research for a non-specialist audience. Hero. #oiisdp #totesnotacreepyfangirl

Speaking as a noob and IMHO, Keble College has very high computer security because wifi.

JW is Wikipedia. Can she write my thesis. Okay yes.

“Hello my name is Gabriele and we pretty much met.” @SanNuvola

So Prezi. Much technology. Very wow. @SanNuvola

Some where in Oxford, Internet researchers are currently attempting to negotiate democracy IN REAL LIFE FACE TO FACE.

Is there a psychologist in the house analyzing personality profiles of Internet researchers right now? Because awesome.

I need my linguistic anthropology people.

Can I just say that I’m very impressed with every one’s skeptical face right now. Like, where are your citations?!

“Like, where’s the ghost?” #overheardatoiisdp

“Maybe it’s post-ghost.” #overheardatoiisdp

I kinda want his cape-tuxedo thing. Cooler than my prospective graduation regalia.

The witch testing methodologies are questionable.

The sampling of corpses for medical research is ethically contentious.

#overheardatoiisdp *ambient edition* some furious keyboard typing going on in Acro. i am afraid.

i am experiencing some form of noob-academic solidarity. this is so rare i have no previously stored socially appropriate reaction to emote.

long cathartic email is long and cathartic. okay sleep. tmr we will approach inboxzero!

Motivation to get out of bed this morning is -500.

Shout out to James for Skyping in from the airport?! Dedication.

“There are a lot of technological determinists out there but they are not out of the closet.” #overheardatoiisdp #totesnotacreepyfangirl

Sweden as the empirical subject of study in this talk! @saragrebke it’s a signnnnn. Gothenburg + Stockholm represent

“I’m just a social scientist. All I have to do is study them.” re: objective explanations of human behaviour. #overheardatoiisdp

halp. i don’t know all these words and phrases and who invented them and where they are written about. no really, help.

“I didn’t quite get that.” @JenniferSThiele’s SIRI?!?! #overheardatoiisdp

“Australians are not that different of a species.” (my brain fart: I’M SPECIAL) #overheardatoiisdp

phe-no-me-no-lo-gy. thank God for spellcheck. #phdchat

“I’m disciplinarily completely unconcerned from where you come from.” re: interdisciplinary interrogation of framing #overheardatoiisdp

“I’m raising my PhD thesis and I’m raising my son and they’re both the same age.” #overheardatoiisdp

#oiisdpbuzzwords community

#oiisdpbuzzwords aka definitions this room will never agree on. day five.

“In some way all of us are really doing research about ourselves.” #overheardatoiisdp

“…so I will be soon an adult… like any day now…” #overheardatoiisdp

“You’re going to be a nurse or a school teacher or just manifest your vaginas in some way or other.” #overheardatoiisdp

“This is a really complex chart from [insert name] that I’m just gonna skip.” #overheardatoiisdp

#oiisdpbuzzwords intimacy (i am so happy this is including more humanistic overtones)

Petition against always comparing “women” & “men” in gender. We can start with comparing among “womensss” & “mensss”. Grammar for effect.

“Comparing cross gender between men and women is going to get super [untweetable word] messy.” #overheardatoiisdp

“I’m going to tell you my argument. Since I got to my final year, I should have an argument.” #overheardatoiisdp

“and I do go there a lot… [insert dramatic pause] to use their toilet…” re: first 5-star hotel in China. #overheardatoiisdp

feel like #oiisdpbuzzwords could potentially be how we broadly categorize internet research by thematic content/methodologies/epistemology.

#oiisdpbuzzwords big data

#oiisdpbuzzwords ethnography

Ameera and husband voted most likely to have a genius 2yo child.

#oiisdpbuzzwords identity

well in fact i do have 7 email addresses. and 5 blogs. and 2 facebooks. and 4 instagrams. but only 1 twitter. drats.

after this week i feel like i can no longer call myself an *internet* researcher. i’m a physical/digital ethnography feminist commercial lifestyle blogging in south east asia in the mid-00s to 10s female anthropologist. i forgot to use post-something.

Serious question: Can my Big Data colleagues please tell me if there is a ‘Small Data’ and what it means? Wikipedia isn’t helpful. #phdchat

“I am so happy to be presenting my work here…[dramatic pause] as a doctor.” – alum of OIISDP to the current batch. #overheardatoiisdp

Gino voted as possessing most intersectionalities. And best memory.

“These girls are like, I am a feminist because I listen to Beyoncé but not like because I read Butler or some thing.” – @mlinds12 #oiisdp

oh you know, just casually standing in a one meter radius away from GODDESS JUDY WAJCMAN and produced some audible sounds from my mouth.

Omg the debates we are having over the methodologies of drinking games. Only in grad school.



grad school problems: play Apples to Apples. shout ‘Kim’. table responds with the last names of five hundred scholars/theorists. answer you were looking for: ‘Kardashian’.

i used the the words ‘green poo’ and ‘feminism’ in the same sentence taking to judy wajcman. #thisishowwedontgettenure

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