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Snippets from recent talks in Brisbane, Siegen, Stockholm

When delivering research presentations, my secret talents include Mid-talk Jazz Hands that resemble politicians taking oaths, worship leaders having a moment, or meek students waiting their turn in a classroom 🙋🏻‍♀️

If you are so inclined to sample some of my Awkward Hand Gestures and Overly Stoic Eyebrows, here are three short snippets (~2mins) and one full-length video (~1hr) of my recent talks on the Influencer industry.


At the panel for the DMRC Summer School organized by the QUT Digital Media Reseach Centre:

“Dr Crystal Abidin – What is an ‘influencer’ in a news media context?” QUT Digital Media Research Centre, 3 April 2019. <Clip>



At a conference MoneyLab #6 Infrastructures of Money hosted by the Institute of Network Cultures:

“Wie wird man eigentlich #InfluencerIn?” Universität Siegen, Siegen. 20 March 2019. <Clip>

See also a report/summary on my talk here and here.



At an industry breakfast seminar organized by Handelsrådet:

See the full presentation – “Förstå influencer-industrin!” Frukostseminarium med Handelsrådet, Handelsrådet, Stockholm. 28 March 2018. <Video>

And a quick soundbyte – “Om VIKTEN av ATT VÄLJA INFLUENCER med omsorg.” Handelsrådet, Stockholm. 28 March 2019. <Clip>

See also a report/summary on my talk here.


Beep here.

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