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Fieldwork diaries: Shooting in style

It was another weekend (with an unearthly reporting time) for an Ohvola outdoor photo shoot. This time, I got to meet the lovely Freda!

Co-owner of Ohvola, Jolene (right), prep-ing model Freda (left) for the morning.


Model Sherena (left) and photographer Dee (right) of Souldeelight Photography.

The location was Punggol Marina, where the Ohvola ladies had arranged for a vintagesque yacht for the monthly lookbook showcase.

Models being briefed for the next series of shots.


An intimate moment between Freda and Sherena adjusting their poses between shots.

I will forever remain impressed by these ladies’ professionalism. It was blazing hot and humid (urgh) all morning with erratic winds from the shoreline. Freda and Sherena took it all in their stride complete with thick cakes of make-up, in towering heels, and multiple outfit changes.

The gorgeous Sherena.


Time for an outfit change!

Outfit changes are snappy affairs! Models get a refreshed wardrobe complete with complementary hair accessories and trinkets. Here’s make-up artist Desiree and Jolene assisting Freda with her outfit while Lucinda and Mama Zhou look on.
Mama Zhou is a dedicated warrior. The mother of three is supportive of her daughters’ ventures into the fashion industry, accompanies them on their work trips, and even volunteers to conduct quality checks on Ohvola products. She has a really keen eye for detail (seriously, even clothing wrappers have to be crisp!) and is absolutely fussy over maintaining a high standard of customer service.

The elegant Freda.


Behind the photographer: Snapping Dee snapping Sherena.

It sure wasn’t easy to hop onto the control panels to pose in a form-fitting skirt in the scorching heat, but Sherena makes it look effortless.

Sherena (left) being dolled up by Co-owner Lucinda (right) after a quick outfit change.


The Ohvola crew! (R-L) Freda, Dee, Sherena, MX, Dennis, Mama Zhou, Lucinda, Crystal, Charlene, Desiree, Sean, Jolene.

The most enjoyable aspect about working with Ohvola is basking in the amazing social support Lucinda and Jolene are showered with from their friends. This extended crew comprises parents, partners, siblings of partners, and best friends who voluntarily show up at every single event! They bring lots of fun, laughter, and food (thanks for introducing me to Koi, guys hahaha) to every occasion. Never a dull moment in the Ohvola office :) Thanks for having me around!

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