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Blog bank for the buck

This first appeared on on 19 April 2013.

Corporations spend billions of dollars on advertising every year.

But are they getting their money’s worth?

In recent years, big players like KLM, Expedia, McDonalds, P&G, and Maybelline have been turning to bloggers for exposure. Why? Because they work.

And the continuously expanding and increasingly penetrative commercial blog industry is a testament to this rising economy’s influence and impact. But why exactly are bloggers the way to go?

  1. Their target is a focused audience

Unlike broadcasting to a generic anonymous mass on traditional media, bloggers build intimate relationships with their readers over a sustained period of time. They craft personas that readers grow to identify with and easily command a strong loyal following. This means a targeted and focused audience for advertisers.

  1. Their social selling is penetrative

Bloggers’ personalised one-to-many publications often result in numerous many-to-one correspondences. Just filter through our star bloggers’ blog post comments, Twitter replies, and Instagram mentions. You’ll be surprised with the extent of voluntary engagement from readers, all hinged upon the bloggers’ sociability and relatability on the inter-webs. This means a penetrative reach for advertisers.

  1. Their crowdsourcing is speedy

As micro-celebrities and curators of social trends, readers are turning to bloggers for recommendations and advice all the time. They tap into the trust networks built upon bloggers’ reputation, fostered through engagement on a plethora of social media platforms. This means a speedy crowdsourcing for interest ‘from the ground’ and feedback on advertisers’ products/services.

  1. Their advertorials are personal

Press releases are often technical, mass produced and (to be honest) boring. But bloggers can convey the same information in a personalised editorial format that appeals to readers. These first person accounts are honest reviews of a user who has tried and tested your product/service, unlike some disengaged mass celebrity ambassadorships. This means keeping advertisers’ products/services relatable in the market.

  1. Their marketing is accessible

Last but not least, bloggers are everyday people who are accessible and whose lifestyles appear more attainable than the high life of socialites and mega celebrities. While readers envy the latter, they are more likely to identify with the experiences and endorsements of bloggers. This means a more accessible market share for advertisers.

There’s no denying it. Bloggers bring you the most bank for the buck.

Crystal Abidin,
Gushcloud Research Scientist

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