Multimedia resources on body image

I have been compiling a list of Eating Disorder/Body Image related documentaries and films freely available on the web, in the hopes of growing this into a comprehensive teaching resource in the near future. Where the links are still functioning, I have included them. Please feel free to circulate and add to the list. I hope to update this page with the film/filmmakers’ information in the future.


(1) Anorexia documentaire

(2) Ballet School: Elmhurst School for Dance

(4) Dana, the 8 year old anorexic

(5) Desperately hungry housewives

(8) I’m a child anorexic

(9) Intervention jessie

(10) Living on air
(11) Living with size zero

(12) Pursuing the perfect 10

(13) Skinny kids

(14) Starving for perfection

(15) Starving secrets annalisa/bailey

(16) Starving secrets melissa/rivka

(18) Superskinny vs supersize

(21) True life: I have an eating disorder

(22) The truth about online anorexia

(23) What’s eating you 1

(24) What’s eating you 5

(25) When diets go wrong


(1) 301, 302

(2) Bad habits

(3) Body dysmophia

(4) Dying to be thin

(6) For the love of nancy

(7) The hunger artist

(8) Hunger point
(9) Kate’s secret

(10) Little girls in pretty boxes

(12) Secret life of mary margaret: portrait of a bulimic

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