Global politics is micropolitics.

I’ve just spent ten minutes waiting for a bus on campus in Singapore and overheard students say these things with respect to the election results:

1) “It’s not gonna affect us one la, the US is damn far away leh bro”

2) “Trump is racist but everybody is racist to some extent anyway, it’s quite normal”

3) “These things won’t come here one, we’re not so racist”

4) “He won’t dare to do anything to Singapore cos of trade”

5) “His business is quite good right, like he’s quite successful la so he has experience”

6) “I read on Facebook that Hillary is corrupt […] so I’ll never vote for her”

7) “Wah that was damn fun to watch, it’s like reality TV but real […] so entertaining”


Where to from here, as instructors who work with young people every day:

1) Be even more invested in engaging with students to see their worldview. Understanding and trying to speak their language is more important and effective than belittling students or shutting them down.

2) Probe students to critically assess their opinions, validate their sources of information, stimulate desire to develop critical thinking. Parochial media consumption breeds closedmindedness, but the media culture here has fostered unthinking passive uptake.

3) Teach and discuss Standpoint Theory and Cultural Relativism and Positioning and Interpellation in the classroom. Some students don’t think critically or practice empathy because they haven’t been taught how to, and we will equip them.


We encourage these conversations when we can. We do this in baby steps. We start tomorrow.

Procrastiprogress updates from the cave VI.


Moshimoshi folks,

I can’t believe it’s already the end of September. This month has been hectic but fulfilling.

I finally attended my PhD Convocation ceremony, 13 months after I had submitted my thesis and seven months after I had passed. (Yes the grading did take that long!) I still have mixed feelings about graduation because four years of research was literally casually commemorated in a five-second walk on stage to shake the hand of an important-looking academic in front of a bunch of strangers. To me, the real fun was the honour of getting to graduate with my good friends – it was a bumper crop of five anthropology PhDs this time – and spending precious time with all the people I miss and love. So yes, all the officialdom of postgrad life is done and dusted, I have been Lord Voldemort once more, and my DECRA clock has begun!

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week 2 of teaching!

This afternoon, an undergrad stayed back after our workshop and waited until everyone had left to tell me he was really enjoying our classes and wanted me to have this feedback so I know how I’m going. (reporting ad verbatim in passive speech) Feeling infinitely encouraged at the moment :)

I’m also thinking about blogging my weekly lesson plans for one of the units I am teaching this semester. Will probably get to that over the weekend!

In other news, I turned 26 on Friday in the most lepak chillax manner possible – spending time outdoors with my favourite boys eating my favourite foods and enjoying new experiences. We went camping! It was mad freezing when we woke up to row in the lake at six in the morning, but boy did it feel good not to touch my laptop for my four-day long weekend. The price to pay is collapsing under the weight of my email inbox right now. Sigh.

This week, I endeavour to conquer my lit review chapter. Let’s go!

Resources on Instagram


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Updated 4 March 2015

Resources on Emoji and Emoticons

Updated 31 January 2017.
This list is not exhaustive. If you have a suggestion please do comment below.



The semiotics of emoji: The rise of visual language in the age of the internet

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Emotional Expression Online: Gender Differences in Emoticon Use

MoodLens: an emoticon-based sentiment analysis system for chinese tweets

Emoticon Smoothed Language Models for Twitter Sentiment Analysis

A longitudinal study of emoticon use in text messaging from smartphones

Emoticon Style: Interpreting Differences in Emoticons Across Cultures 

CAO: A Fully Automatic Emoticon Analysis System Based on Theory of Kinesics

Emoticon-based text steganography in chat

Emoticon Usage in Task-Oriented and Socio-Emotional Contexts in Online Discussion Boards

Emotional Expression Online: the Impact of Task, Relationship and Personality Perception on Emoticon Usage in Instant Messenger

Emoticon Recommendation for Japanese Computer-Mediated Communication

Microblog sentiment analysis with emoticon space model 

Can We Read Emotions from a Smiley Face? Emoticon-based Distant Supervision for Subjectivity and Sentiment Analysis of Arabic Twitter Feeds

Emoticon use Increases Plain Milk and Vegetable Purchase in a School Cafeteria without Adversely Affecting Total Milk Purchase 

Emoticon convergence in Internet chat rooms

From emoticon to universal symbolic signs: Can written language survive in cyberspace?

A Pragmatic Investigation of Emoticon Use in Nonnative /Native Speaker Text Chat 

Patterns of Emoticon Usage in ESL Students’ Discussion Forum Writing



Don’t know the difference between emoji and emoticons

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Guess the emoji
Cheat sheet:

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Activism & Care

#IAmAWitness: Apple releases new emoji in partnership with anti-bullying campaign

‘Abused emojis’ help victims of family violence call for help

The Social Media Cure

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Security & Threats

You could soon use emoji as a passcode

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This ad-tech startup mobilizes brands, one emoji keyboard at a time

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Branded & Specialized emoji

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Sexy Little Texts: Victoria’s Secret Is Now Offering Lingerie Emojis

For when emojis won’t suffice: express yourself with Cindy Sherman-icons!

Pokemon Emojis


The Kingdom of Crying Kim Kardashian

Inside the Company That Makes Emojis for Heidi Klum, Kim Kardashian, and Other Celebrities

How Kim Kardashian Started the Rise of the Emoji Business

ChyMoji by Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna Slaps Kylie Jenner Look-Alike in New Emoji Set

Braveheart, haggis and thistles: Scots emojis set for app store

My Bitmoji, My Better Self®ion=top-stories-below&WT.nav=top-stories-below&_r=1

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Branding & Marketing

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Sony’s Animated Emoji Movie Integrates Spotify, Major Smartphone Apps in Plot (Exclusive)


Gender & Sexuality

Are female emojis sexist and harmful to girls?

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Vagina emoji are here and they are as spectacular as they are NSFW–Wke0aKX9KDg?cmpid=facebook-post


Race & Ethnicity

Black Emoji Are Finally Here

Apple’s new diverse emoji are even more problematic than before



Emoji diplomacy? DFAT asked meaning behind Julie Bishop’s use of a red-faced emoji to describe Vladimir Putin

Julie Bishop’s emoji use under scrutiny as Penny Wong asks: why the red face?

Red face under spotlight: Julie Bishop’s all-emoji interview scrutinised by Senate committee

Julie Bishop Describes Serious Diplomatic Relationships With Emoji (Exclusive: World’s first political emoji interview)

State of the union address in emoji
Twitter account:
Full transcript:

How Emoji Got to the White House


Art & Projects

Unicode® Emoji Charts


Emoji University

Emoji portraits by Yung Jake

Ocean by Michaël Borras A.K.A Systaime

Untitled gif

YOLO Juliet & srsly Hamlet

Emotica Online

Chevy just put out a press release entirely in emoji — and no one has any idea what it means

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Boring angel (4:17)

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