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I desire nothing more than to laze along the river with some Fay Weldon right now. My life has been overtaken by undergrad marking of late. Just completed a first batch of year three scripts a month ago, and a second batch of year one scripts a fortnight ago. Tonight sees me slogging it out to complete my third batch of year three scripts before the fresh batch of year one scripts are released again tomorrow. Woe.

I really enjoy teaching. I love interacting with my students, enriching and challenging their minds (and often vice versa), and preparing for classes while buried under heaps of material. Some day in the future, I anticipate that I will also grow to love structuring my own units and courses (if academia wants to hire me!) To be honest, I even enjoy marking. But time is always tight and tutors are working under strict deadlines to produce coherently marked scripts. 

I endeavour to give the most accurate grade and helpful feedback to my students – and this means time. Often, it means I spend 1 hour labouring over what the University pays me only 10 minutes to do. (I also recently caught up with some tutors from the *hard* sciences who tell me they are paid the same amount to mark 10 MCQ as I am to mark one 700 word essay. Life…) Some call it stupidity. I like to think of it as a passion. But I am also told I will soon have to wise up and “work within the system” or risk “burning out”. Maybe this semester seems particularly difficult to trudge through because I’ve got seven tutes on my hands. Still don’t regret the decision though. I will, however, probably regret clicking ‘Publish’ without bothering to proofread this blogpost because I am so sleepy. After all, I once dreamt that I resigned from grad school after misspelling your and you’re in a blogpost. My brain is a troll.

Picked up a couple of new publications in the past month, and will endeavour to finish up as much of this over the winter break as possible! Also received a bunch of CfPs and invites to extremely relevant conferences, of which, the AAS, TASA, and CSAA ones seem extremely appealing. Alas, this is a battle between me and time&money. Secretly crossing all my fingers and toes that the grant application fairies will send me funding soon.

In other news, I am going to meet with Terri Senft this June! I am so excited that my body is going to convulse from joy (do bodies do that? I don’t know. It’s 0100hrs.)

May, please be good to me!


GMC seminar (public femininities)
Gwynne paper (media femininities)
Persona chapter

Public femininities chapter

MINA chapter revisions (In$tagLam)

Albury chapter (sexual literacies)
Virtual worlds book review
TAJA paper revisions (class)
Lit review chapter

OII summer school
Taste chapter

Technologies of intimacy chapter

Social currency chapter

AoIR conference (privacy)

(?) AAS conference
(?) TASA conference
Thesis full draft


Thesis full draft

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