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Counting down to a brief respite…

For the rest of May, all I have to do is:
– conquer another 7 days of teaching
– grade 100 oral presentations
– grade 55 communication folios
– revise the Feminine Corporeality paper
– write the Public Femininities chapter
– write the Persona chapter
– submit the publications grant

In June, I will:
– grade 100 formal reports
– grade 100 exam scripts
– revise the In$tagLam paper
– revise the Privacy for Profit paper
– revise the Switching On paper
– revise the Engendering Cuteness paper
– write the #sexbait paper
– write the AF book review

And then I’m off for a month of work-related travels and shenanigans with a couple of days in between cities to chill and hang out with gorgeous people over hot chocolate and touristy things: Perth – Singapore – London – Gothenburg – Jonkoping – Gothenburg – London – Oxford – London – Singapore – Perth

On July 28th, it begins all over again. Breathe.

Beep here.

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