Resources on selfies


(1) Selfie Researchers Syllabus

(2) The Selfies Research Network (TSRN)

(3) TSRN Researchers (segment)

(4) Selfies Pedagogy Group (closed group)

(5) Selfies teaching workshop (IR15)

(6) Making Selfies / Making Self

(7) Selfiecity

(8) The Visual Media Workshop

(9) Selfies bibliography – Making Selfies / Making Self

(10) Selfies bibliography – The Selfies Research Network

(11) Selfies: Inter-faces and ‘me’-diated bodies workshop

(12) Know Thy Selfie — An exercise in Selfie Reflection

(13) “Know Thy Selfie”: A Selfie Group Discussion Assignment

(14) The Selfie Course: More than a MOOC

(15) Selves & Selfies: Performing Identity Online

(16) Why do my Facebook Friends look just like me?

(17) Unpacking Videos Unboxing videos for abstract concepts an exercise from #SelfieClass at USC

(18) Selfie-grounding bibliography

(19) Selfie Pedagogy I: The Digital Humanities and Selfie Culture

(20) Selfie Pedagogy II: Internet Identity and Selfie Practices

(21) Selfie Pedagogy III: Networked Spaces, Slut Shaming and Putting Selfies in Dialogue with Theory



(1) What Does the Selfie Say? Investigating a Global Phenomenon – Special Issue 

(2) Vote for my selfie: Politician selfies as charismatic leadership

(3) Re-thinking the relationship between media and sexuality education

(4) The Visual Media Workshop @KPU presents Patricia Routh on the Cinematic Gaze and selfies

(5) The Visual Media Workshop @KPU presents Dr. Kath Albury on Sexting, selfies, and sneaky hats

(6) Studying selfies: USC’s #SelfieClass examines what online photos say about us

(7) New book out now: Seeing Ourselves Through Technology

(8) The Allure of the Selfie

(9) Selfies in Hong Kong

(10) Fashioning the feminine self in ‘‘prosumer capitalism’’: Women’s work and the transnational reselling of Western luxury online

(11) I am Just Doing my Bit to Promote Modesty: Niqabis’ self-portraits on photo-sharing websites

(12) Gift of the Selfie

(13) The Skin of the Selfie (Unabridged Version)

(14) Kern Conference on Visual Communication – Selfies, Self-portraits, and Social media 

(15) PHOTOBOMB: A dialogue on selfies, violence, and war–a-dialogue/ 

(16) Snapping, Sharing… Being. Digital Online Photography and Identity Construction 

(17) Self-media: The self, the face, the media and the selfies 

(18) Ego Update 

(19) Notes to self: the visual culture of selfies in the age of social media 

(20) Understanding digital selves through film 


(1) Kubist

(2) Smartphones, selfies and salvaging art tradition: museums grapple with technology tension 

(3) Alibaba’s Jack Ma shows off new ‘pay with a selfie’ technology 

(4) People Are Making Homemade Selfie Sticks And They Are Insane

(5) It’s Time To Leave Planet Earth Because There’s Now A Selfie Spoon

(6) The ‘audio selfie’ — a different kind of interview evolves at StoryCorps

(7) Sex Selfie Stick: Nowhere Is Sacred Anymore

(8) Google’s Street View cameras are touring museums and taking weird selfies by accident

(9) Selfie angst and Android backlash in Apple’s ‘weird’ iOS 9 upgrade

(10) You’re Toast: Company Will Stamp Your Face on Sliced Bread

(11) Sea Otter Selfie

(12) No shame in her #selfie game 

(13) The selfie was created pretty much by accident… and that’s how the next big thing could appear 


(1) The rise of the selfie and the monetisation of social media

(2) Microcelebrity selfies (case study)

(3) Selfie fashion

(4) Kim Kardashian to give talk on the ‘objectification of women’

(5) Attention Instagram “models”: You are selling yourselves

(6) Your Selfie Idea Is Not Original. It’s Shit.

(7) Brands: Your selfie contest idea is stupid

(8) Ellen DeGeneres claims most retweeted tweet of the year ahead of Justin Bieber

(9) Behind the Preplanned Oscar Selfie: Samsung’s Ad Strategy

(10) Is Asia Setting the Trends on Selfies?

(11) A 21-Year-Old Claims She Makes More Money Per Selfie Than She Does Working All Week


(1) Fieldnotes: Body labour and selfies

(2) These Trans People Are Taking Selfies To Celebrate Transgender Day Of Visibility

(3) A feminist response to moral panic around girls’ ‘boner garage’ Instagram selfies

(4) Selfies and Misogyny: The Importance of Selfies as Self-Love

(5) What’s Really Going On With The Sexist Backlash Against Selfies

(6) New research suggests selfies are way more empowering than you think

(7) Sorority Girls Took Selfies at a Baseball Game — And Grown Men Mocked Them for It

(8) These Sorority Girls On A Selfie Spree At A Baseball Game Made People Really Mad For Some Reason

(9) What We Learned from the Arizona Diamondbacks Sorority Selfie Scandal

(10) Selfie Sorority Uses Media Frenzy for Good Cause

(11) The Selfie Girls Everyone Mocked Use Their Fame For Good

(12) The Selfie Sorority Girls Are Here!

(13) The Big Problem With Selfie-Shaming We Don’t Talk About Enough

(14) Trans Teen Takes A Selfie Every Day For 3 Years To Show His Dramatic Transformation Into A Man


(1) Selfies Are Spreading Lice among Teenagers

(2) Japan tourist at Taj Mahal ‘dies after fall’

(3) Man taking a selfie is gored to death by bull in front of horrified crowd

(4) Bison selfies are a bad idea: Tourist gored in Yellowstone as another photo goes awry

(5) Study Links Selfies To Narcissism And Psychopathy

(6) Lake Elsinore man’s idea for a snake selfie comes back to bite him

(7) So Long, Selfie Esteem: Instagram Filters Spark a New Plastic Surgery Trend

(8) Selfies Are Killing More People Than Shark Attacks

(8) More people died from selfies than shark attacks this year

(10) More people are killed by tourist brochures than by sharks

(11) Townsville police say selfie could have led to alleged stabbing murder

(12) The rise of ‘selfie surgery’: how young is too young to have cosmetic work?

(13) Academic study of people who post selfies confirms everything you suspect–217825.shtml 

(14) Seriously, think before you take selfies 


(1) In defence of the Selfie 

(2) The Anatomy of a Social Media(ted) Protest: #OccupyCentral on Instagram

(3) Taliban selfies: Why militants posed for photos in Kunduz

(4) Taliban Pose for Victory Selfies in Afghan City

(5) See How Refugees Use Selfies to Document Their Journey

(6) A Picture of a boy yerushalmi taking selfie with surveillance camera in Israel

(7) WWF Snaps #Lastselfie of Endangered Animals Selfies just got real 


(1) Disney Theme Parks Bring the Tyranny, Danger of Selfie Sticks to an End

(2) New York Sends Tiger Selfies Toward Extinction

(3) How a Selfie Got Car Thieves Arrested

(4) Take a selfie, post it up/The next five years you’ll…be in prison?

(5) Attorney flagged for Facebook selfie with client after winning murder acquittal

(6) Liz Hurley Kicked Out of London’s Victoria & Albert Museum for Taking Illegal Selfie on Antique Bed 


(1) How To Take a Selfie: Pro Photographers Give Us All Their Best Self-Portrait Secrets

(2) Pusheen’s Guide to Selfies 


(1) A Bride Took Her Own Wedding Photos And The Album Is Absolutely Beautiful

(2) This 2-Minute Horror Film Will Stop Everyone From Taking Selfies


(4) Top 20 Self Portraits by Vivian Maier

(5) Criminal Minds – Selfie

(6) CSI: Cyber: Season 1, Episode 8 Selfie 2.0

(7) Eiflesland – On the 4th anniversary of the #selfie on Instagram

(8) Selfie

(9) #SELFIE (Official Music Video) – The Chainsmokers


(1) Woman Recreates Hilarious Celebrity Instagram Pics¶m2=whm¶m1=fijifrost&ts_pid=2&ts_pid=2

(2) Taking a selfie

(3) The 7 Stages Of Selfies (as Illustrated By James Franco)

(4) Selfie battles in ancient China

(5) Seflie stick aerobics #selfiestickaerobics

(6) #dancretu 

(7) Ellen’s Selfie Safety Tips 

(8) Should You Post A Selfie?

(9) A Better Kind of Selfie Stick: “Friend”

(10) Selfie Song 

(11) Can We Call Butt Selfies Belfies? (A Bon Iver Music Video)


(1) Polar Bears and #ObamaSelfies: The Critical Intersections of Digital Humanities and Environmental Justice

(2) An Open Letter To All Of My Friends Who Take Selfies

(3) That’s Not a Selfie

(4) The Meanings of the Selfie

(5) Button-Pusher: The seductive dystopia of “Black Mirror.”

(6) Even The Gods Can’t Resist The Selfie Trend. Sarvajanik Pandals In Mumbai Have Lord Ganesh Taking A Selfie!

(7) Cate Blanchett: selfies are ‘pathetic’

Updated 19 October 2015

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