Multimedia Examples to Convey Register & Tone

(1) Snickers Betty White (00:30)

(2) Snickers Aussie Tradies (1:11)

  • Were the vocal expressions of these characters (Betty White, Aussie Tradies) unexpected or surprising?
  • Why so?
  • What expectations did you have of these characters?
  • What does this tell us about register and stereotypes?
  • Why were these advertisements effective?

(3) Computer says no baby delivery (2:56)

(4) Computer says no broken arm (2:39)

(5) Computer says no hip replacement (2:20)

(6) Computer says no travel insurance (1:13)

  • How would you describe the character’s register and tone?
  • What impressions did they portray as a service staff member?
  • As a customer, what would you have expected out of them in these circumstances?

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