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week 2 of teaching!

This afternoon, an undergrad stayed back after our workshop and waited until everyone had left to tell me he was really enjoying our classes and wanted me to have this feedback so I know how I’m going. (reporting ad verbatim in passive speech) Feeling infinitely encouraged at the moment :)

I’m also thinking about blogging my weekly lesson plans for one of the units I am teaching this semester. Will probably get to that over the weekend!

In other news, I turned 26 on Friday in the most lepak chillax manner possible – spending time outdoors with my favourite boys eating my favourite foods and enjoying new experiences. We went camping! It was mad freezing when we woke up to row in the lake at six in the morning, but boy did it feel good not to touch my laptop for my four-day long weekend. The price to pay is collapsing under the weight of my email inbox right now. Sigh.

This week, I endeavour to conquer my lit review chapter. Let’s go!

Beep here.

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