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Calling all anthropologists who do Internet research!


Dear anthropologists who do Internet-related research,

I’m compiling key terms that have been used to describe our work.

Any thing to add? Please feel free to comment below, and share this post.

(Will circulate a cheat sheet after, because sharing is caring)

-cyborg anthropology
-digital anthropology
-media anthropology
-virtual anthropology
-virtual forensic anthropology
-visual anthropology
-cyber ethnography
-digital ethnography
-media ethnography
-multi-sited ethnography
-online ethnography
-social media ethnography
-virtual ethnography
-virtual world ethnography
-visual ethnography
-media archaeology
-web archaeology
-digital anthropometry
-virtual anthropometry
-digital genealogy
-digitized genealogy
-virtual genealogy
-cultural studies
-infocomm studies
-internet studies
-mobile studies
-(new) media studies
-virtual world research
-visual culture studies
-web studies

Crowd-sourced contributions in italics.
Last edited 18 June 2015.


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