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academics after-dark.

Lecture: It is important to understand nuanced uses of Tinder.
Life: “Omg Tinder is so shallow.”

Lecture: Cultural relativism is important.
Life: Mocks people’s accents.

Lecture: Diversity and representation is important.
Life: Talks over every one.

Lecture: All feminisms are valid.
Life: “You are small and frail, I must protect you.”

Lecture: Ethnocentrism can be detrimental.
Life: Refuses to eat at “ethnic places” because “unhygienic”.

Lecture: Academic networking is important.
Life: You can’t sit with us.

Lecture: Digital privacy is important.
Life: Photographs and publishes images without consent.

Lecture: Digital literacies aren’t universal.
Life: “Omg how have you never heard of this.”

Lecture: Selfies can be empowering for young women.
Life: Refuses to hold phone for group selfie because stigma.

Theory and praxis is a tricky politic.

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