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0146hrs Tuesday in ten Tweets.

Work-talk aside, this is 0146hrs wishcrys declaring I’ve survived a personal crisis day. However, I’m baffled by my commitment to my work:

1) I had to postpone a meeting by a few hours. My colleague thought I was mad not to take the day off because crisis. I didn’t.

2) When I had a spare moment, I emailed a bunch of folks apologizing for late submissions and deadlines today. With minimal drama.

3) Even though I’m exhausted to the bone and haven’t slept in two million years, I updated my field diary before allowing this downtime.

4) I say this not to boast of my so-called professionalism or to humblebrag about being a workaholic, but cos I learnt things about myself:

5) That I need time to transit out of work-focused wishcrys despite grief. It doesnt hit me fast and hard. I process while my day continues.

6) That I love and enjoy my work so it isn’t a chore/distraction from grief, but a relief, because I am in my element. I know this space.

7) That I have an internal Keep Calm and Carry On momentum, so the grief inside doesn’t manifest on the outside. Doesn’t mean I’m a robot.

8) I like brainfart writing to make sense of life. I only wish Twitter wasn’t the top hit when people Google my name, cos context erasure.

9) Okay goodnight from 0202hrs wishcrys. More crisis management and fieldwork and Life Goes On™ tmr.

wishcrys, over and out.

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