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Instagramming Instagram’s Downtime

Instagram, Facebook, and Tindr experienced downtime around 1415hrs (GMT+8) on 28 January 2015. While the causes of the disruption are still being debated, the momentary disconnection (it was less than 45 mins where I was, that is Western Australia) from social media was a momentuous #firstworldproblem. The event solicited its own hashtag, #socialmeltdown2015, which trended on Twitter. Many Twitter users were lamenting the incoming flock of primarily Instagram and Facebook users resorting to Twitter to air their gripes and laments. (See also this witty cycle of emotional coping from the folks at The Telegraph.)

Here are some of my favourite memes posted on Instagram within the first 20 minutes of the platform going back online:
01 I survived

02 Public Service Announcements

03 Self-doubt

04 All the rage

05 All the tears

06 Coping mechanisms

07 Platform hopping

08 Return to the analogue

09 All the conspiracy theories

10 Truth bombs

The next time such an outage sends you into a frenzy (Did I pay my bill? Is it just me? Is it my Internet Connection? Is Instagram REALLY down?!), just remember that you can check the status of the application here and here, and go for a walk outside. Or play computer games. Or eat out of your fridge. Idk, make your own decisions; I’m not your mother.

Beep here.

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