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Negotiating love and life on Fei Cheng Wu Rao/If You Are The One – (7) Gendered imaginaries

This is part 7 of a series of 9 blogposts. Read other posts in the series here:
(1) Introduction
(2) The physical
(3) The body specific
(4) Demographical compatibility
(5) Family life
(6) Self-identity
(7) Gendered imaginaries
(8) Personal interests and abstract metaphors
(9) Existential navigations

This seventh installment aims to loosely thematize some discursive negotiations of love and life based on season 5 of Fei Cheng Wu Rao (非诚勿扰)/If You Are The One around ‘Gender imaginaries’. [Image heavy]

Screen grabs obtained from ‘Commemorative Fashion Shoes‘ Tumblr with permission from the owner

(a) Strict gender boundary policing here, folks. Men better resemble masculine males; women better resemble feminine females.



Unless, of course, you’re the keen family/friend attempting to market the male contestant to the fullest of your abilities.


Or if you were extremely confident in yourself…


(b) And sexy is in.


The women are mostly self-assured of their appeal too.


But perhaps nothing is as sexy as providing for one’s intimate biological… conditions.


(c) Some men have more… basic requirements in an ideal partner.



This could be due to prior experience with rejection.


Although, at times, these desires involve some cyborg/frankenstein mishmash.


(d) Despite their multi-layered complexities, some women believe they are plain janes.



Any thoughts? Beep me! Installment eight on Personal interests and abstract metaphors to come.

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  1. Hey Crystal, YY here! I’m really enjoying reading this series, looking forward to the last few (-:

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