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Academic Service

As part of my commitment to foster a collegial and reciprocal academic culture,
I have been volunteering my services at Professional, Association, and University levels.


Australia & New Zealand Communication Association

  • Executive Committee Member (as MIA Editor-in-Chief) (September 2021–)

Association of Internet Researchers 

  • Executive Committee Member (Open Seat) (October 2019–September 2021, October 2017–September 2019)
  • Executive Duties on subcommittees of Code of Conduct, Diversity & Inclusivity, Institutional Memory, Nominations, Public Communications, Satellite Symposia, Translations, Travel Grant (October 2019–September 2021, October 2017–September 2019)
  • Member (June 2014–)

Australian Network of Student Anthropologists

  • State Representative for Western Australia (September 2012–August 2015)

Fame and Persona Research Consortium

  • Consortium that brings together over 50 top global researchers on celebrity studies
  • Advisory Board Member and Early Career Membership Chair (June 2017)

Editorial board member for journals & publishers:

  • Bloomsbury Press ‘Asian Celebrity and Fandom Studies’ series (July 2021–)
  • Bloomsbury Press ‘Fandom Primers’ series (August 2022–)
  • Bloomsbury Press ‘Studies in Digital Cultures’ series (October 2021–)
  • Cambridge Journal of Anthropology (September 2022–)
  • Celebrity Studies (June 2023–)
  • Convergence: The International Journal of New Media Technologies (April 2018–)
  • Cultural Science Journal (July 2017–)
  • Global Media and China (February 2023–)
  • Global Perspectives – Technology and Global Change section (February 2021–)
  • Journal of Communication (September 2019–)
  • Journal of Computer Mediated Communication (October 2021–)
  • Journal of Sociotechnical Critique (April 2019–)
  • Media International Australia (July 2022–) *Editor-in-Chief
  • Social Media + Society (November 2015–)
  • Television & New Media (March 2022–)

TikTok Cultures Research Network

  • Founder (October 2020–)


Australian and New Zealand Communication Association

  • Invited Panelist at the “Postgraduate/Early Career Researcher Day” (July 2017)

Australian Network of Student Anthropologists

  • Web Officer & Social Media Curator (September 2012–August 2015)

Children’s Digital Futures Consortium

  • Network of Australian researchers focusing on children’s media
  • Inaugural Member (March 2017)

Digitizing Early Childhood International Steering Committee

  • International committee of scholars working on publications and conferences pertaining to topics on digitizing early childhood
  • Swedish and Social Media Liaison (October 2017)

Hey Girl Global

  • International research and pedagogical network that mentors young women to produce independent research on young women’s issues
  • Pioneer Member (November 2015)

National University of Singapore

  • Class Ambassador for the Sociology Honours Cohort 2010/2011 (June 2011–)

Postdigital Intimacies

  • Network to create new knowledge on intimacy in a postdigital context, thinking about intimacy as a relational concept, or series of relationalities
  • Pioneer Member (Feb 2021–)

Selfies Pedagogy Group

  • Pedagogy network brings together international lecturers to develop specialized selfies syllabi and run regional workshops
  • Pioneer Member (Aug 2014–)

The Selfies Research Network 

  • Network which brings together almost 3,000 selfie researchers, of which I was the only Western Australian member in the pioneer group of 12 who debut the first interactive course programme
  • Pioneer Member (Feb 2014–)

WA Communication Culture and Media

  • Curtin University Representative (January 2021–)
  • Invited ECR Panelist at the “How to Handle Feedback” session (February 2017)


Peer reviewer for journals:

  • African Journalism Studies
  • Anthropological Forum
  • Asiascape: Digital Asia
  • Celebrity Studies
  • Communication, Culture and Critique
  • Convergence
  • Global Media and China
  • Information, Communication and Society
  • International Journal of Communication
  • International Journal of Cultural Studies
  • Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
  • Journal of Gender Studies
  • Limina 
  • M/C Journal
  • Media International Australia
  • New Media & Society
  • Persona Studies
  • Poetics
  • Popular Communication
  • Qualitative Research
  • Social Media + Society Journal
  • The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology 

Peer reviewer for publishers:

  • Bloomsbury Academic
  • Emerald Publishing
  • Lexington Books
  • MIT Press
  • Oxford University Press
  • Palgrave
  • Routledge
  • SAGE Publishing

Peer reviewer for conferences:

  • Association of Internet Researchers
  • Australia New Zealand Communication Association
  • Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
  • International Communication Association

Peer reviewer for grants:

  • Australian Research Council
  • National Science Foundation


Curtin University

  • Faculty Academic Promotions Committee, Faculty of Humanities (May 2023–)
  • Research and Creative Practice Committee, iSchool (March 2022–March 2023)
  • Advisory Board, MCASI (July 2021–)
  • Executive Board Member, Tourism Research Cluster, Curtin Business School (May 2021–)
  • ERA Readiness Taskforce, MCASI (March 2021–)
  • ECR Rep, Faculty Research Committee, Faculty of Humanities (March 2021–March 2023)
  • Mentor, Curtin Global Campuses Mentoring Programme (2021) 
  • Reviewer, Human Research Ethics Committee (July 2020–)
  • Mentor, Curtin Staff Mentoring Programme (2020)
  • Reviewer, HASS Grant Success Panel, Research Office (October 2019)
  • Invited panelist at “All Faculties ARC Rejoinder Session”, Curtin Grant Success Panel (June 2019)
  • Mentor at the “Cultures of Knowledge: Creative Economy and China Summer School and Conference” (February 2017)

Jönköping University

  • Expert Panelist at the “JIBS Entrepreneurship Challenge” (April 2015)

Other Universities

  • Invited Panelist at the Ethical dilemmas of internet researchers, University of Tartu (October 2017)
  • Invited Instructor at the “Social Media Research Masterclass” for the Digital Ethnography Research Centre at the RMIT (May 2015)
  • Invited Postgraduate Panelist at the “Postgraduate Support Symposium” in Murdoch University (May 2013)

University of Western Australia

  • Postgraduate Representative for the Department of Anthropology & Sociology (July–December 2013, July–November 2014)
  • Invited Postgraduate Panelist at the “ALVA Supervision Workshop” hosted by the Graduate Research School, UWA (May 2014)
  • Mailing List Administrator for the Department of Anthropology & Sociology (April 2012–January 2013, July–December 2013)
  • Advisory Group Member and Facilitator at the “Intercultural Interviews Workshop Trial Honours Project” with the Study Abroad programme at UWA (August–October 2013)
  • Postgraduate Representative for various events such as Open Day (August 2012, August 2013, August 2014)
  • Research Features for various Graduate Research School events such as the Postgrad and Honours Expo (September 2013), Graduate Welcome Tea (August 2012, September 2013)
  • Contributing writer, photographer, and model for various entitles such as Open Day (August 2013), Student Services (July 2013), Information Services (January 2012); Postgraduate Students Association (Spring 2012, Spring 2013)
  • Postgraduate Mentor to Honours Year Anthropology & Sociology Students at UWA (October–December 2012)
  • Coordinator & Discussant for various postgraduate writing groups and work-in-progress workshops (2011-2015)


  • Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR), 2014–
  • Australian Anthropological Society (AAS), 2012–2016
  • Cultural Studies Association of Australasia (CSAA), 2015–2016
  • International Communications Association (ICA), 2016–2020
  • Korean Studies Association of Australasia (KSAA), 2019–
  • The Australian Sociological Association (TASA), 2017–


  • Asia Life Digital Project, 2014–2015
  • Australian Network of Student Anthropologists (ANSA), 2012–2015
  • Children’s Digital Futures Consortium, 2017–
  • Cultural Science Society, 2017–
  • Fame and Persona Research Consortium, 2017–
  • Fembot Collective, 2015–
  • Hey Girl Global, 2015–
  • Identity Research Network, 2014–
  • PopAnth, 2013–
  • Postgraduate Students Association (UWA), 2011–2015
  • Selfies Pedagogy Group, 2014–
  • The Selfies Research Network, 2014–
  • Western Australian Anthropological and Sociological Students Association (WAASSA), 2012–2015
  • Western Australia Communication, Culture, Media (WACCM), 2016–

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