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As evidence of effectively communicating and applying my research work for the general public, I have been actively initiating and responding to press queries for expert commentaries. My research has been featured in various public, popular media, industry, and academic reports in 16 countries, including notable publishing outlets such as:

AustraliaAustralian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Radio Melbourne, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Radio National (RN), Australian Network of Student Anthropologists, Particle, The Australian Forum of Sexuality, ECU News, Education and Health (AFSEH), Scimex, The Conversation
–Belgium: Edgeryders
–China: CBNweekly, Jiaoyouwang, Q Daily, Weixin, xmtongju
Estonia: Postimees
–Finland: Aalto University
–France: France Culture
–Germany: Dieponderzoek, Volkstheatre
–Italy: East Online, Speciale Tg1 RaiTV
–Netherlands: Dieponderzoek
–New Zealand: The Human Show
–Spain: CNET en Español
–Singapore: The New Paper, The Straits Times, Vulcan Post
–Sweden: Handelsrådet, MMTC News
UK: Emerald Publishing, Female First, The Guardian, Huffington Post, Minute Hack, The National Student,, Shortlist Media, Times Higher Education, Visual Social Media Lab
–USA: Antenna, Anthropology Now, The Asia Digital Life Project (ADLP), The Atlantic, Buzzfeed, Cleveland Review of Books, Education Week, Forbes, News On 6, Pacific Standard Magazine, dmlcentral, Wired


“Jälgijate ostmisest kättemaksupornoni ehk internet on üks rõlge koht (The purchase of followers for revenge is one of the best places on the internet).” Postimees, 12 October 2018. <Article>

“With Risky Teen Drama, Facebook Further Blurs the Line Between Real and Fake.” Education Week, 4 October 2018. <Article>

“What you need to know about the rapidly changing world of internet celebrity.” Huffington Post, 25 September 2018. <Article>

“An Introduction to the Affection Economy – On Crystal Abidin’s “Internet Celebrity: Understanding Fame Online”.” Cleveland Review of Books, 21 September 2018. <Article>

“Shadow Economies Of The Influencer Industry.” Minute Hack, 19 September 2018. <Article>

“Book Review: Internet Celebrity – Understanding Fame Online by Crystal Abidin.” The National Student, 11 September 2018. <Article>

“‘There’s too much pressure on your relationship’: What it’s like to break up on YouTube.” Shortlist Media, 24 August 2018. <Article>

New and noteworthy – 9 August 2018.” Times Higher Education, 9 August 2018. <Article>

5 Misconceptions about internet celebrities by Crystal Abidin.” Female First, 31 July 2018. <Article>

“Is a meme born in a private account still a meme?” Wired, 27 July 2018. <Article>

“Perth set to host international conference exploring children and the internet.” Scimex, 3 July 2018. <Article>

“SocietyNow: Why study ‘frivolous’ topics like internet celebrity and selfie culture?” Emerald Publishing, 15 June 2018. <Podcast>

“Career code: The tools and strategies that keep you advancing at work.” Forbes12 June 2018. <Link>

“Photos of minors shared, sexualised on microblogs.” The Straits Times, 7 May 2018. <Article | pdf 01pdf 02>

“JIBS MMTC research fellow on Forbes list.” MMTC News, 5 April 2018. <Article>

“Internet celebrity and Influencer cultures.” Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Radio Melbourne, 11 April 2018. <Audio>

“Meet The 24 Inspiring Individuals In Singapore On Forbes’ 30 Under 30 List 2018.” Vulcan Post, 28 March 2018. <Link>

“Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia: Media, Marketing & Advertising.” Forbes, 27 March 2018. <Article>

“Crystal Abidin: Influencers, Youth Online and the Intersections of Social Media and Traditional Media.” The Human Show, 27 March 2018. <Podcast>

“Brand Experience Through New Media: Youtube Influencers and Social Media Celebrities – Panel.” Aalto University, 23 March 2018. <Video>

“Cultures of Internet Celebrity on Youtube – Crystal Abidin.” Aalto University, 23 March 2018. <Video>

“Interview with Dr. Crystal Abidin from #AoIR2017.” Association of Internet Researchers, 6 December 2017. <Video>

“Bitte lächeln! (Please smile!)” Volkstheater, 5 December 2017. <Article>

“Sharenting en privacy: tips om de digitale rechten van kinderen te respecteren (Sharenting and privacy: Tips to respect children’s digital rights)” Dieponderzoek, 27 October 2017. <Article>

“Crystal Abidin presents research about young children in viral social media videos and their crossover into the television industry.” MMTC News, 25 September 2017. <Article>

“From YouTube to TV and Back Again.” Particle, 19 September 2017. <Article>

“Crystal Abidin’s research about Chinese photo-editing app MeituXiuxiu quoted by media.” MMTC News, 13 September 2017. <Article>

“How social media videos turn children into viral sensations.” Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Radio National (RN), 11 September 2017. <Audio>

“International conference explores risks and benefits of young children’s internet use.” ECU News, 6 September 2017. <Article>

“阿坝上门服务-‘我们甚至没用任何付费推广’ (Aba services claim they do not use paid promotions)” Jiaoyouwang, 3 September 2017. <Article>

“Postdoctoral Fellow Crystal Abidin interviewed by radio show.” MMTC News, 28 August 2017. <Article>

“Business Briefing: the ‘get rich quick scheme’ influencing what you buy.” The Conversation, 25 August 2017. <Audio>

“国产美图软件如何成为91神器官网下载 全球爆款?(How did Meitu become China’s most popular app?)” xmtongju, 24 August 2017. <Article>

“Dr. Crystal Abidin joins MMTC as postdoctoral researcher.” MMTC News, 23 August 2017. <Article>

“国产美颜软件为什么能征服老外 (How a local beauty app caused foreigners to conform)” Weixin, 5 May 2017. <Article>

“Slime safety: concerns about the latest online craze.” Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Radio National (RN), 3 May 2017. <Audio | Transcription>

“直播恋爱的网红有点奇怪,不过更奇怪的是爱看这些的人 (Internet celebrities who broadcast their love are weird, but the fans who watch them are weirder)” Q Daily, 7 April 2017. <Article>

“Why Watching People Break Up on YouTube Is So Addictive.” The Atlantic, 3 April 2017. <Article>

“Onlife: il mio Speciale Tg1 su come il digitale sta cambiando noi esseri umani (Onlife: Special TG1 episode on how the digital is changing us humans).” Speciale Tg1 RaiTV, 29 January 2017. <Site | YouTube>

“美图秀秀为什么一夜间在美国爆红?(Why did MeituXiuxiu attain popularity overnight in the US?)” CBNweekly, 26 January 2017. <Article>

“That Weird Glamour Shot Selfie App You’re Seeing Is Called Meitu.” Buzzfeed, 19 January 2017. <Article>

“Social media influencers in the Swedish and Scandinavian retail.” Handelsrådet, 7 December 2016. <Article>

“Tra viralità e orientalismo, come PPAP è diventato un fenomeno globale (Between virality and Orientalism, PPAP has become a global phenomenon).” East Online, 5 November 2016. <Article>

“Meet the Op3n Fellows | Community clinics, medical drugs manufacturing, digital griefing and more.” Edgeryders, 11 October 2016. <Article>

“Truck driver goes ‘live’ to kill time.” The New Paper, 21 August 2016. <Article>

“Las estrellas de Snapchat: ¿Nacen o se hacen? (The stars of Snapchat: Are they born or made?)” CNET en Español, 12 August 2016. <Article>

“Communicative <3 Intimacies: Influencers and Perceived Interconnectedness.” The Sociological Review, 2 August 2016. <Article>

“The new science of cute.” The Guardian, 19 July 2016. <Article>

“Tulsa Viral Video Star: Life After 15 Minutes Of Fame.” News On 6, 1 April 2016. <Article | Companion blogpost>

“Attentats de Bruxelles : l’hommage des dessinateurs (Brussels attacks: The tribute of the designers).” France Culture, 23 March 2016. <Article>

“Crystal Abidin, who was just named ‘The 30 Top Thinkers Under 30’ by Pacific Standard magazine has become an affiliated researcher of MMTC.” MMTC News, 18 March 2016. <Article>

“Who are the people anticipating—and working to solve—tomorrow’s big social problems?” UWA Students, 9 March 2016. <Feature>

“The 30 Top Thinkers Under 30: Crystal Abidin.” Pacific Standard Magazine, 3 March 2016. <Article>

“‘Rosablogger’ et nedsettende begrep, mener professor i digital kultur (“Rosa Blogs” a derogatory term, says professor of digital culture)”, 18 December 2015. <Article | Translation>

“Marketing on Instagram through tags.” Feed Reader, 29 November 2015. <Article>

“When authenticity and advertising collide on social media.” The Conversation, 10 November 2015. <Article>

“Planning to discuss the Essena O’Neill story with young people? Read this first….” The Australian Forum of Sexuality, Education and Health (AFSEH), 6 November 2015. <Article>

“Selfie Pedagogy III: Networked Spaces, Slut shaming and Putting Selfies in Dialogue with Theory.” dmlcentral, 1 October 2015. <Article>

“Selfie Pedagogy II: Internet Identity and Selfie Practice.” dmlcentral, 10 September 2015. <Article>

“Work Hard, Dream Big: May with Crystal Abidin.” Digital Ethnography Research Centre (DERC) Newsletter, June 2015. <Feature>

“Singapore’s booming subculture of Instagram influencers.” The Asia Digital Life Project (ADLP), 28 May 2015. <ArticleAudio>

“Selfie Citizenship: The political uses of personal social media photography.” Visual Social Media Lab, 22 April 2015. <Article>

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“The Gendered Politics of Digital Brand Labor.” Antenna, 18 March 2015. <Article>

“The rise of the selfie and the monetisation of social media.” Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Radio National (RN), 12 November 2014. <Article | Indonesian translation>

“In defence of the Selfie.” Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Radio National (RN), 24 October 2014. <Audio | Transcription>

“This is.” UWA Students, 20 October 2014. <Feature>

“#OccupyCentral on Instagram: Unpacking the Protest Through its Visual Tropes.” The Asia Digital Life Project (ADLP), 18 October 2014. <ArticleAudio>

“ANSA’s Profile of the Month.” Australian Network of Student Anthropologists (ANSA), June 2013. <Profile>


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