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[public interview] Abidin, Crystal. 2018. “Årets första Textilbaren på Pumphuset.” Textilbaren and Pumphuset, Borås. February 22, 2018. <Link | Link>

[seminar] Abidin, Crystal. 2018. “title tba.” MMTC Research Seminars, Jönköping. March 21, 2018.

[paper] Abidin, Crystal. 2018. “Networked capillaries of vigilante activism on the Singaporean internet.” Writing the Internet: Internet Lore in Asia, Asia Research Institute, Singapore. March 8-9, 2018.

[panel] Cambre, Carolina, Crystal Abidin, Katie Warfield. 2018. “What do methods let us see? Epistemologies of Photographic Methods.” Photomedia 2018, Helsinki. March 26-28, 2018.

[keynote] Abidin, Crystal. 2018. “All hail the pale male: Pretty boy selfies in the hyper-feminized Influencer ecology.” Selfie Symposium, Swinburne University of Technology & RMIT, Melbourne. April 4-6, 2018. <Abstract>

[paper] Abidin, Crystal. 2018. “Whose capital is it any way? Influencers in cross-media webs.” Media Industries: Current Debates and Future Directions, London. April 18-20, 2018. <Abstract>

[keynote panel] Abidin, Crystal. 2018. “title tba.” Theorizing the Web, New York. April 27-28, 2018.

[colloquium] Abidin, Crystal. 2018. “The Influencer Industy: Histories, economics, and cultures.” Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne. May 1, 2018. <Abstract>

[masterclass] Abidin, Crystal. 2018. “Internet Paralanguages: Internet-native communication forms and cultural power.” Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne. May 10, 2018. <Abstract>

[paper] Abidin, Crystal. 2018. “Where Is The Money on Tumblr? Cultures of Celebrity and Labour within Tumblr’s Architecture.” International Communication Association 2018, Prague. May 24-28, 2018. <Abstract>

[keynote] Abidin, Crystal. 2018. “Tap that, Hack that, Map that: Economies, Cultures, and Materialites of Instagram.” Instagram Conference 2018, London. June 1, 2018. <Abstract>

[paper] Abidin, Crystal. 2018. “Digital Exotica: The politics and praxis of internet celebrity from East Asia to beyond.” 12th International ACS Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference, Shanghai. August 12-15, 2018. <Abstract>

[instructor] Abidin, Crystal. 2018. “title tba.” Digital Methods Summer School, University of Tartu, Tartu. August 21-25, 2018.

[keynote] Abidin, Crystal. 2018. “How To Look Expensive (but not too much).” Youth Futures: Belonging and Connections, Alfred Deakin Institute, Deakin University, Melbourne. November 22-23, 2018. <Abstract>



[special issue] Private messages from the field: Moral confessions and ethical dilemmas in digital ethnography – with Gabriele de Seta (Academia Sinica)

[journal article] Influencers reclaim liminal celebrity: MunahHirziOfficial, Parody politics, and Micro- minority representation

[journal article] Somewhere Between Here and There: Visibility Labour and Literacies Between Academia and the Influencer Industry

[journal article] Grief hype-jacking: Influencers, Attention Economies, and the Commodification of Grief

[journal article] Si Gin Na (“Brat”): Social Media & the juvenile insolence in Singapore – with Liew Kai Khiun (Nanyang Technological University)

[journal article] History of the digital camera in Singapore 1994-2006 – with Connor Graham (Asia Research Institute)

[journal article] #nofilter, #inreallife: Influencers and Porous Authenticity on Instagram



[edited book] Me-diated Inter-faces: representation, presentation, and embodiment online – with Katie Warfield (Kwantlen Polytechnic University) and Carolina Cambre (Concordia University)

[special issue] Between art and application: Exploring the histories and cultures of emoji vernacular – with Joel Gn (Singapore University of Social Sciences)

[journal article] From YouTube to TV, and Back Again: Viral Video Child Stars and Media Flows in the Era of Social Media – with Tama Leaver (Curtin University) 

[journal article] Understanding Travelogues: An Orientalist Imaginary of South East Asia? – with Connor Graham (Asia Research Institute)

[journal article] Privacy for Profit: Influencers, Personae and the Lifecycle of Commoditized Privacy

[book chapter] L8r H8r: Fans, haters, and ephemeral solidarity in Influencer wars

[book chapter] The Great Good Childhood Birthday: Commemoration, commercialism, and moral parenting in Influencer advertorials

[book chapter] “Hey YouTube, welcome to my exclusive private home tour”: Influencers, Domestic space vlogs, and Continuums of disclosures

[book chapter] Fast phone fashion: Fashion marketing in the age of smartphones

[book chapter] My Instagram Husband: Influencers, Gendered fame, and Networked tensions amidst commodified romance

[book chapter] Screens, Streams, Scenes, Screams: Labouring sociality among young women Influencers

[book chapter] From womb to cradle: Branded pregnancies, neonatal care, and the pre-personhood of micro-microcelebrities

[conference paper] Oppressed, Oratorical, Outlandish: Chinese Privilege activism through entertainment in Singapore’s internet popular culture



An oral history of punk in Singapore – with Liew Kai Khiun (Nanyang Technological University) in partnership with The Substation

Digital folklore in Singapore – in partnership with the Asia Research Institute

Cultures of YouTube in Asia

The commodification of weddings and aspirational housing

Aspirational tensions: Young couples and homemaking in a tightly regulated ecology

Young people and grief in digital spaces

Not just a pretty boy: Male Influencers in a hyper­feminized economy


2 thoughts on “Research

  1. Hi Crystal!

    I became aware of your ethnographic work on Instagram via Academia. I’m planning to use Instagram for my dissertation project. I have couple of questions regarding visual data collection and ethics. Would you mind connecting via email for further discussion?


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