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Upcoming talks and works-in-progress listed below.


* denotes invited talks
# denotes presentation by co-author

[invited panelist] *Abidin, Crystal. 2019. “Internet Celebrities and Under The Radar Work.” ASEAN Forum: ASEAN and the Digital Revolution, University of Sydney, Sydney. August 16, 2019. <Link>

[invited talk] *Abidin, Crystal. 2019. “Influencers and Cultures of Authenticity-making.” Markers of Authenticity, Faculty of Arts, Macquarie University, Sydney. August 29, 2019. <Link>

[invited industry talk] *Abidin, Crystal. 2019. “Social Media Influencers and Astroturfing Alcohol Advertising.” In Their Sights: The Dark Arts of Digital Alcohol Marketing, Parliament House, Canberra. September 11, 2019. <Link>

[pre-conference workshop] Hemsley, Jeff, Aleena Chia, William Balmford, Erika D Gault, Kelly Quinn, Roohola Ramezani, Shawn Walker. 2019. “AoIR Early Career Scholars Workshop.” AoIR2019, Brisbane. October 2-5, 2019.

[roundtable] Leaver, Tama, Crystal Abidin, Tim Highfield, Mari Lehto, Anthony McCosker. 2019. “Approaching Instagram.” AoIR2019, Brisbane. October 2-5, 2019.

[paper in panel] #Pang, Natalie, and Crystal Abidin. 2019. “Decoding the weaponising of pop culture on WhatsApp in Singapore and Malaysia.” AoIR2019, Brisbane. October 2-5, 2019.

[paper in panel] Abidin, Crystal. 2019. “Disappearing data: Monetizing and astroturfing vernaculars on tumblr pre- and post-NSFW ban.” AoIR2019, Brisbane. October 2-5, 2019.

[paper in panel] #Leaver, Tama, Crystal Abidin, and Tim Highfield. 2019. “Framing Instagram: New Approaches.” AoIR2019, Brisbane. October 2-5, 2019.

[industry talk] Abidin, Crystal. 2019. “Influencer marketing.” 19th GITEX Technology Week, Dubai. October 6-10, 2019. <Link>


[journal article] Genealogies of online transgression: Public shaming cultures on the Singaporean internet

[journal article] Minahs and Minority Celebrity: MunahHirziOfficial, Parody YouTube Influencers, and Minority Politics in Singapore

[journal article] Grief hypejacking: Influencers, #ThoughtsAndPrayers, and the Commodification of Grief on Instagram

[book chapter] L8r H8r: Fans, haters, and ephemeral solidarity in Influencer wars


[journal article] From YouTube to TV, and Back Again: Viral Video Child Stars and Media Flows in the Era of Social Media – with Tama Leaver (Curtin University) 

[journal article] History of the digital camera in Singapore 1994-2006 – with Connor Graham (Asia Research Institute)

[journal article] Somewhere Between Here and There: Negotiating Researcher Visibility in a Digital Ethnography of the Influencer Industry.

[special issue] Private messages from the field: Confessions on digital ethnography and its discomforts.

[book chapter] NSFW Chinese content on tumblr and folkloric imaginaries around algorithmic circumventions

My Instagram Husband: Influencers, Gendered fame, and Networked tensions amidst commodified romance

Glamour and Grotesque: Influencers and the anatomy of plastic surgery advertorials

The Great Good Childhood Birthday: Commemoration, commercialism, and moral parenting in Influencer advertorials

From womb to cradle: Branded pregnancies, neonatal care, and the pre-personhood of micro-microcelebrities

This page was last updated on 08 August 2019.

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