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Upcoming talks and works-in-progress listed below. For key ideas & concepts, research projects, talks & presentations, and multimedia resources, please navigate via the menu.


# denotes presentation by co-author

Note: I am on long leave from December 2021 to July 2022 and only attending to selected invitations. Thank you.


[journal article] Trajectories of online transgression: Public shaming cultures on the Singaporean internet

[journal article] Livestreaming During a Pandemic: Platforms, Cultures, and Pivots – with Jonathon Hutchinson

[journal article] Recentering Academic Scholarship on Sister Apps – with Poh Yu Ting

[journal article] When Brands Become Stans: Netflix, Originals, and enacting a fannish persona on Instagram – with Cass Sligh

[journal article] TeachTok: Teachers of TikTok, micro-celebritism, and fun learning communities – with Arantxa Vizcaíno Verdú

[] Audiovisual Narrative Agency and the Aesthetics of TikTok Activism: (East) Asian Anti-Racism Advocacy via the ‘Fox Eye’ Trend – with Xinyu (Andy) Zhao


[book] Social Media Pop Cultures in South Korea – with Jin Lee

[report] Benchmarking Influencer Regulations in the Asia Pacific Region 

[report] TikTok and Youth Engagements During COVID-19 – with D. Bondy Valdovinos Kaye, Xinyu (Andy) Zhao

[report] Social Justice Through Social Media Pop Cultures: Case studies and reading resources on Influencers and TikTok – with Jin Lee

[report] WhatsApp Cultures and Family Group Chats in Singapore – with Natalie Pang

[book chapter] The Promotional Cultures of Businesses on TikTok: Brand accounts, Small businesses, and Internet celebrities – with Jenna Drenten, Lauren Gurrieri

[book chapter] Shaping Identity Through the Mobile Media of TikTok – with Harry Dyer

[book chapter] Digital Economies and Celebrity Publics on TikTok: The 2020 Tokyo Olympics as a case study – with D. Bondy Valdovinos Kaye

[journal article] Rural Chinese YouTube Videos: Scoping a genre – with Chen Guo

[journal article] Australian Influencers and National Identity – with Jonathon Hutchinson, Emily van der Nagel

[journal article] ‘Don’t let this flop’: TikTok Creators’ Strategic Improprieties – with D. Bondy Valdovinos Kaye

[journal article] Mapping the Ecology of Short Video Apps – with D. Bondy Valdovinos Kaye

[journal article] From YouTube to TV, and Back Again: Viral Video Child Stars and Media Flows in the Era of Social Media – with Tama Leaver

[journal article] TikTok Stage, Celebrities, and Kpop in South Korea – with Jin Lee

[journal article] Oegugin Influencers, nationalism, and racial systems: National branding and regulation in the South Korean Influencer industry – with Jin Lee

[journal article] Being bound in a fieldsite: Cross-cultural methodological notes on doing digital ethnography on TikTok – with Jin Lee

[journal article] Exploring the Genre of laowai wanghong on YouTube and TikTok – with Poh Yu Ting

[journal article] Racial Harmony and Sexual Violence: Uneven Regulation and Legal Protection Gaps for Influencers in Singapore – with George Radics

[journal article] Shaping Australian cultural identity on TikTok and ABC News during a bushfire crisis – with Emily van der Nagel, Jonathon Hutchinson, D. Bondy Valdovinos Kaye

[journal article] Asian Australian Diaspora and Identity on TikTok – with Denise Woods, Cass Sligh, Kelly Bailey 

[journal article] Minimalism and Gestures on Social Media – with Michele Zappavigna

[journal article] Chinese Cultural Mediators on TikTok: Genres, Knowledge flows, and Internet Celebrity between Platform Markets – with Jing Zeng

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