Hi everyone! I need some crowd-sourced help.

After studying the Influencer industry in Singapore and Australia since 2010, this year, I will be kicking off brand new fieldwork to study the Influencer and internet celebrity industry in Scandinavia. I’ll begin in Sweden and hope to establish as many industry and academic contacts as possible for future visits. If you know of any Sweden/Scandinavia-based Influencers, Influencer talent firms, digital media agencies, social media marketing companies, people in related industries, as well as researchers who work in similar areas, could you please introduce us? I am also hoping to speak to people in the fashion industry who adopt digital marketing techniques. I will send you Pusheen stickers in kind and coffee/beer when we next meet!

Below is a brief blurb about my project and myself. Please feel free to circulate this.

Thank you so much!


Social​ ​media​ ​influencers​ ​in​ ​Swedish​ ​and​ ​Scandinavian​ ​retail​ ​by​ ​Dr Crystal​ ​Abidin

The researcher

Dr Crystal Abidin in a sociocultural anthropologist who focuses on vernacular internet cultures, particularly young people’s relationships with internet celebrity, self-curation, and vulnerability. She is most known for her work on Influencers, a multimedia form of vocational internet celebrity, and is presently working on projects in East Asia, the Asia Pacific, and Scandinavia. Crystal is Postdoctoral Fellow with the Media Management and Transformation Centre (MMTC) at Jönköping University, supported by Handelsrådet (Swedish Retail and Wholesale Development Council), and Adjunct Research Fellow with the Centre for Culture and Technology (CCAT) at Curtin University.

The project

Between July 2017 and June 2019, Crystal will work on a project funded by Handelsrådets, looking at how social media Influencers in Sweden impact the fashion retail industry. Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork comprising participant observation, personal interviews, and web archeology, Crystal will focus on innovative uses of digital media, Influencers’ branding strategies, and consumer behaviour in the Swedish fashion industry. For this project, Crystal would like to speak to Influencers, Influencer talent firms, digital media agencies, social media marketing companies, people in the creative and advertising industry, as well as researchers who work in similar areas. She is also hoping to speak to people in the fashion industry who adopt digital marketing techniques. Read some of her case studies on Influencers here.


If you would like to get in touch, please reach Crystal at wishcrys.com, crystalabidin@gmail.com, or @wishcrys. Alternatively, please feel free to pass on this information to interested parties.


Crystal was trained in the departments of Anthropology & Sociology, and Media & Communications at the University of Western Australia (UWA). She convocated in 2016, and her thesis was nominated for awards with the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR), The Australian Sociological Association (TASA), and the Australian Anthropological Society (AAS). Prior to coming to Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) in August 2017, Crystal was Postdoctoral Fellow in Sociology at the National University of Singapore (Jul16–Jun17). Full list of affiliations here.

Her recent awards include being named among the 30 Top Thinkers Under 30 (Next generation of leaders in economics, education, the environment, and more) by Pacific Standard Magazine (Mar16), and Best Student Presentation at the Oxford Internet Institute Summer Doctoral Programme (OIISDP), in the University of Oxford (Jul14). Full list of accolades here.

She is currently writing a full-length research-based book on the amateur fashion industry entitled Buymylife.com: Vernacular commerce, creation, and culture in Singapore blogshops (contracted), and preparing another book on the Influencer industry in Singapore and East Asia entitled Please Subscribe! Influencers, Social Media, and the Commodification of Everyday Life. 

Further information

Handelsrådets grant press release here.
Academic publications here.
Press mentions here.

Participants committed to this study

Influencer agencies
Buzzador (HQ Stockholm)
Cube (HQ Stockholm)
Cure Media (HQ Stockholm)
Loppi (HQ Stockholm)
Nöjesguiden (HQ Stockholm)
Relatable (HQ Stockholm)
United Screens (HQ Stockholm)

TheSwedishLad/Martin Arvebro (Stockholm)

Fashion companies
Myrorna (HQ Stockholm)

Fieldwork dates (updated continuously)

Mar 2018 @ Copenhagen, Helsinki
Feb 2018 @ Borås, Göteborg, Stockholm
26-28th Jan 2018 @ Stockholm
03-05th Oct 2017 @ Borås
19-27th Sep 2017 @ Stockholm

This page was last updated on 08 February 2018.

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