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Treading water

Warning: Verbose, rambly post from self-reflexive Anthropologist to follow. Proceed with caution and attempted interest. Ready? Let’s go. According to the wisdom of the internet, to tread water, one keeps a […]
Treading water

Microcelebrity Social Media Selfies

Reflecting on Week three of The Selfie Course on selfies and microcelebrity, I thought I would share my take on the types of heterosexual feminine scripts microcelebrity social media personalities in […]

October in Singapore

Hi folks, I’ll be giving four talks in Singapore this October. They are open to the public (although two require you to register – links below). Please come by and […]

Brainfarts on shame.

… one major methodological weakness of some of the earlier studies…[was] an ethnocentric tendency to define the phenomenon in terms of its specific attributes in one’s own culture… these studies […]

Kafka on power.

… you’re certainly right when you say that compared with Klamm I’m a nobody, and despite the fact that I’m now asking to speak to Klamm and am not even […]

Brainfarts on affect.

“Between us there is always transcendence, not as an abstraction or a construct, a fabrication of the same grounding its origin or measuring its development, but as the resistance of […]