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The Anatomy of a Social Media(ted) Protest: #OccupyCentral on Instagram

image_27 image_47

I manually track the #OccupyCentral tag on Instagram over 72hrs and attempt to thematize the visual emblems of social protests as mediated on social media. [Note: Image Heavy]

01 Iconic visual symbols 

image_46 image_41 image_34 image_25 image_23 image_22

02 An iconic image/scene capturing the essence of the movement

image_17 image_45 image_44 image_59

03 Borrowing emblems from other social movements

image_16 image_29 image_56 image_66

04 Borrowing from emblems in pop culture

image_49 image_48

05 People from other protests lend their support


06 Subversive caricatures of political leaders

image_30 image_37 image_75 image_77

07 Keep Calm and X

image_13 image_38

08 Ambiguously appropriated Hollywood-borrowed memes 

image_5 image_67

09 Somewhat humorous signboard trolling

image_61 image

10 Hashtag mutation and innovation

image_94 image_95

image_96 image_91

image_92 image_90

11 Social media apps and networks get blocked

image_2 image_4

12 Diaspora and locals residing overseas organize themselves

image_6 image_32

13 Protest essentials are suggested


14 Protest paraphernalia is made 

image_39 image_35

15 Injuries are documented


16 Down time is captured

image_26 image_8 image_9 image_36

17 Protest selfies

image_31 image_1 image_57 image_43 image_54 image_64 image_82 image_33

18 Themed protest selfies i.e. Student selfies

image_52 image_60

19 Close-up selfies of local residents away from the event

image_50 image_19

20 Scantly relevant tourist selfies


21 Tourists posing in the thick of events

image_63 image_64 image_62 image_78

22 Scantly relevant fashionistas

image_88 image_81 image_74 image_80 image_73  image_15

23 Counter-hegemonic aesthetic leisurely shots of locals

image_21 image_68

24 Pet selfies bearing emblems of the protest

image_85 image_83 image_71 image_72

25 Irrelevant posts jump on the tag for viewer traffic

image_84 image_65

What other visual emblems have been circulating? Were there images that were particularly grabbing to you? Beep me!

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