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This semester, I pledge to

1) have lunch away from my work desk as much as possible because I need air and some form of social interaction with nature and/or people

2) set some time aside each week to indulge in fiction or non-research/academic related text because it makes me happy

3) intentionally plan quality time with the love of my life because he keeps me grounded

4) be thankful for a sunrise or sunset every day because God is an amazing artist

5) appreciate and shower affection on people I love because I love them

6) spend time on my creative projects because my motivation is fueled by passion

7) immerse myself in new experiences and new spaces because the Earth is my home

8) learn to say no to things because my autonomy only exists if I exercise it

9) thank God for breath and life, and for sustaining me through the next five months because I have to produce a full draft of my thesis by December

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