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A Review of Formal and Informal Regulations in the Nordic Influencer Industry.


I am happy to share that our article reviewing laws, guidelines, and best practices in the Nordic influencer industry is now out and Open Access with the Nordic Journal of Media Studies 2(1).

Abidin, Crystal, Kjeld Hansen, Mathilde Hogsnes, Gemma Newlands, Mette Lykke Nielsen, Louise Yung Nielsen, Tanja Sihvonen. 2020. “A Review of Formal and Informal Regulations in the Nordic Influencer Industry.” Nordic Journal of Media Studies 2(1): 71-83. DOI: 10.2478/njms-2020-0007. Open Access here.

This is the first of a string of articles that aims to map regional influencer studies, with forthcoming articles from the soon-to-be-launched Nordic Network of Influencer Studies that I founded.

This was a feat in collaboration, thanks to my colleagues from Team Denmark (Mette Lykke Nielsen, Louise Yung Nielsen), Team Finland (Tanja Sihvonen), and Team Norway (Kjeld Hansen, Mathilde Hogsnes, Gemma Newlands). Special thanks also to issue editors Anne Jerslev & Göran Bolin, and to Handelsrådet and the Media, Management and Transformation Center (MMTC) at Jönköping International Business School for supporting the Swedish leg of this work during my 2nd postdoc.

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