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Whoever said it takes a village to finish a PhD,

was probably an anthropologist trying to make a dad joke.


(Anthropology & Sociology postgrads making The Walk)

My deepest thanks to:

My supervisors Greg Acciaioli and Rob Cover ­–
for infinite wisdom, unwavering support towards my (over-)ambitious aspirations, and digital/physical friendship. Also, for nagging me to eat veggies while feeding me cake (Greg), and for 0100hrs email correspondence reminding me to sleep (Rob).

Van Ikin, Jo Elfving-Hwang, Michael Azariadis, and Krystyna Haq –
for navigating bureaucratic mazes with me. Special thanks to Van and Michael for guiding me through stacks of scholarship applications over several semesters and never giving up.

Loretta Baldassar, Michael Pinches, and Richard Davis –
for your support at various points of my candidature.


(This is the GRS lady suggesting we casually do a second PhD)

Eric Thompson, Mandakini Arora, Gabriele Marranci, and Yasser Mattar ­–
for your absolutely wonderful undergrad classes that inspired me to pursue grad school, for supporting my grad school applications, and for our annual coffee/lunch dates.

Everyone at the MMTC (esp. Mart & Barbara) and DERC (esp. Heather & Josh) –
for hosting me during the completion of this thesis.

The University, Convocation, School of Social Sciences, and Postgraduate Students’ Association –
for funding support at various points during fieldwork and conference travels.


(People kept handing Kara and I bottles)

@kellybergstrom, @paulibyron, @sannuvola, and Claire ­–
for fresh eyes on old writing (and for not convulsing after reading said writing). /fistbump

@dr_ki, @alexiamadd, @airi_, @handonthepulse, @ekwitkowski, @erinbtaylor_, @jeanburgess, @jnosketurner, @jilltxt, @jolynnasinanan, @kathalbury, @katie_warfield, @tamaleaver, Mair, and Romit –
for care, confidence, and mentoring in times of self-doubt, especially when everyday is a #PhDcrisis day.


(This is my village)

My favourite Anthropologists –
Maki and @jocelyncleghorn for loving me; @caparas_vanessa, @lara_mckenzie, and Marco for taking me under your wing when I was a n00b first year; @kmsstp and @gembothe for collective crises management; Anita, Manu, Farida, Thijs, Adele, and Catriona for trading life stories.

@ameerashanaah, @audreykoh, @antidanie, @gabydavid, @kristineask, @mathildeaar, @54ndr, @saragrebke, and @trinajorre –
for midnight conversations, and voluntarily letting me into your homes and fridges during my academic travels *throws confetti*

@paulibyron, @rbkhkth, Shao, Vicky ­–
for all the affect, for always having my back, and for being the types of scholars I’d like to conquer the world with *sparkle sparkle*


(I am very professional in life)

My besties Cheryl, Eunarco, Euniee, Mamahen, and Mojojojo –
for being my voices of reason.

My parents –
for allowing me to chase my dreams.

My dearest informants (especially my most treasured pudding) –
for sharing your lives with me.

My Macbook Pro (2010) and iPhone5 (2012) –
for being my faithful instruments throughout fieldwork, and for not dying on me (yet).

Finally, to cmm and sherm, thank you for growing up and growing old with me. I love to you <3

Love, wishcrys


(GRS has handed wishcrys a mug. wishcrys is free!)

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  1. Dearest Van, how absolutely pleasing it is to hear from you :) I really could not have navigated grad school without your patience and guidance, so thank *you* for sharing your life with me!

  2. Well done, Crystal – you are thoroughly deserving of this moment, and it’s fabulous that you’re sharing it. (Thank you SO much.) It brings back many, many happy memories to me and I’m thrilled to see it. (And what a great photo of you outside Winthrop Hall…!) Congratulations!!

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