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‘Cultures of TikTok in the Asia Pacific’ Symposium

I am excited to announce that registration for ‘Cultures of TikTok in the Asia Pacific’ symposium is now open. Register via eventbrite here. Event is free but sign ups are essential.

Features a keynote by A/Prof Yu Haiqing on ‘TikTok and Platform Geopolitics’, and 20 papers in sessions on ‘Platforms & Pedagogy’, ‘Gender & Class’, ‘Popular Culture’, ‘Regional Cultures’, and ‘Anxieties & Learnings’.

We will also be launching the TikTok Cultures Research Network for scholars and academics at the event.

Hope to see you there!


08 December 2020 Update:

Thank you to everyone who attended the ‘Cultures of TikTok in the Asia Pacific’ Symposium! My organizing team and I are supremely relieved (tech didn’t fail us!) and grateful for everyone who made the time to share their research and tune in to the talks.

We kicked off with a brief overview of the rising interest in TikTok in the Asia Pacific region by yours truly, and the launch of the ‘TikTok Cultures Research Network‘ at The Network was founded by myself and a group of Asia Pacific-based interdisciplinary scholars who are studying TikTok cultures from a variety of qualitative research methodologies. We plan to expand internationally in 2021, and include industry and civil society, with our next Network Event planned for March 2021.

We opened with a rich and insightful keynote by A/Prof Yu Haiqing on ‘TikTok and Platform Geopolitics, who fielded thoughtful responses in an engaging Q&A.

19 papers were presented across five panels. Presentations were recorded, and are currently being edited for uploading on our TikTok Cultures Research Network portal.

A selection of symposium talks will be mentored into peer reviewed journal articles in Q1-Q2 2021, featuring research from junior and early career scholars particularly from the Asia Pacific and Global South. Stay tuned to for more updates.

Thank you + Keep well,

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